DIY: How To Build A Comfy And Warm Looking Bed

Dec 19, 2016

With winter on the way, you may be looking for ways to feel more comfy and warm at home. A good night’s sleep is so important for your overall health and sense of well being. Timbercreek Communities is here to help make this winter super cozy. Check out our tips for how to build a comfy and warm looking bed.

Buy or knit your own cable knit blanket

Purchasing a chunky, warm cable knit blanket will instantly make you feel more cozy. They are thick and durable, and feel like they can protect you from the harshest winter weather. If you really want to earn your comfy, warm feeling and you are looking for a winter project to curl up with, consider making your own. With basic knitting skills and patience, this impressive throw blanket can be made in a single day!

iStock-484358020Invest in the best: Down Comforters

To stay cozy and warm during the darkest, coldest winter nights, consider investing in a down comforter. Unlike heavy cable knit blankets, high quality down comforters are very warm and very light weight. Those two qualities rarely go hand in hand. A good down comforter will keep you cozy, without weighing you down.

DIY soft headboard

If you plan to read or lounge a lot in bed this winter, a DIY soft headboard is just the ticket. This tutorial will walk you through through the process, step by step. A soft headboard gives you a plush place to lean against in bed for those blissful waking hours.

Add a cozy bedside rug

Even if you have the coziest bed in the world, all of that warmth goes out the window when you have to put your foot down on a cold floor when it’s time to get up. Keep that amazing warm and cozy feeling going as long as possible with with a cozy bedside rug.

Stock up on pillows

Having plenty of pillows will make your bed look and feel super comfy. So go ahead, stock up! What’s not to love about an abundance of pillows to lay your head on, pillows to prop you up, and pillows to support you. Can you ever have enough?

Get a bedside lamp

Now that your bed is looking and feeling super comfy and warm, you may be seeing it in a new light. A bedside lamp will bathe and display your cozy new nest in a warm and comforting illumination. Along with the extra pillows to prop you up, it will make curling up with a good book all the more satisfying.

Try flannel sheets

Your bed looks super comfy and warm now. Keep that feeling going when you pull back the covers by sliding into some warm and cozy flannel sheets. Give flannel a try and see if you don’t have sweeter dreams as you sleep tight, and warm.

Add a pillow top pad for your mattress

You can have the comfiest, coziest, warmest looking bed in the world (especially if you followed all of the above advice) but it’s not going to mean much if your mattress isn’t comfortable. New mattresses are expensive, but fortunately, you can change the whole feel of your old mattress by simple adding a pillow top pad.

A feeling of comfort and security and a good night’s rest are so important, especially during a long cold winter. We hope this post helps you feel safe and warm. Sweet dreams, from Timbercreek Communities. For information on Timbercreek Rental Communities near you, please visit our website.

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