• How to wear skirts and dresses in winter without freezing

    Feb 17, 2020

    Winter is in full freeze but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like it’s 20 below outside. You can look chic and stay warm -- you can even wear skirts and dresses in the winter! To help you wear your favourite skirts or dresses in the colder months, here are some fashionable tips to make your outfits more winter-friendly.


    Wear high boots

    This tip is key. If you love wearing skirts and dresses, but you live in a cold climate, high boots can be your best friend. Look for thigh-high boots or at least boots that reach your knees to ensure the bulk of your legs have coverage and wind protection

    Wear opaque tights or leggings

    Instead of going bare-legged or wearing stockings, wear leggings under a skirt or dress. This will help shield your legs from winter’s cold temperatures and bitter wind. You might not get the exact look you’re after but you won’t get frostbite either.

    Wear longer skirts

    Mini skirts can be great but they’re not well suited to winter. Opt for longer skirts like knee-length or floor-length skirts. They’ll keep you warmer and will look just as good.

    Wear a long coat

    If your heart is set on wearing a short skirt in winter, you can keep yourself warm by wearing a long coat over it. It looks great and is a totally practical solution to the problem. Look for a long and warm peacoat or a long puffer coat to stay extra toasty.

    Wear leg warmers

    If you want to wear a skirt to an indoor event, but you need to get from point A to point B and it’s cold outside, give leg warmers a try. You can wear them with virtually any shoes and they’ll keep your legs toasty warm. Once safely inside, simply take them off and stash them in your purse.

    Timbercreek hopes that these tips for how to wear skirts and dresses in winter help you stay chic and warm this season. 

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  • How to protect your pet this winter

    Feb 11, 2020

    Your pet is part of your family so it’s very important to go out of your way for them. They provide you with so much love and affection and expect so little in return. This winter, protect your pet with these tips.


    Dress them up

    It won’t hurt to give your dog or cat a little extra clothing if they’ll be spending ample time outdoors with you. Try a pet coat, vest, hat and/or shrug to protect their body and head from the cold. 

    Try booties

    Road salt can be harful to your pet’s paws and quite painful. Protect their feet with waterproof booties. Look for booties with good grip so your pets don’t slip on icy streets and sidewalks.

    Take shorter walks more often

    You don’t enjoy walking for long periods of time when you’re chilled and neither does your pet, but they still need to walk. Instead of going for an epic walk, take several shorter walks instead. Try to make them long enough that your pet can do their business, but short enough that they don’t shiver too much. Most pets will let you know when they want to head back in the winter, but don’t stray too far from home to ensure they don’t freeze on the return journey.

    Make a cozy nook for them at home

    If your home is drafty, your pet will feel it. Ensure they have a cozy space where they are free to snuggle. This could be a fluffy dog bed, a couch or comfy chair or a big pillow on the floor. 

    Dry them off after spending time outdoors

    Your pet might love frolicking in the snow and slush in winter, but by the time they get home they will be cold, wet and miserable. Leave a towel by your front door and take time to dry them off and remove salt from their paws and fur if it is caught. Your pet will be healthier and happier for it and your furniture will thank you! 

    We hope you and your pet have a wonderful winter! Timbercreek hopes that these winter pet protection tips make it your best season together yet.

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  • The best winter coats in Canada

    Feb 03, 2020

    Canada is about as cold as it gets in the winter. To enjoy the season to the fullest, you'll need a great winter coat that can handle our extreme temperatures. To help you stay toasty warm, Timbercreek Communities has rounded up some fabulous Canadian coat brands for you. Shop from these Canadian brands to stay warm and stylish this season.



    We love this fashionable Montreal winter coat brand. Its fabulous coats are even PETA-approved because they don't use any feathers or fur and are cruelty-free. NOIZE is a vegan coat brand that specializes in puffer coats and parkas with sleek shapes. Their coats are available in fun prints, too. The price is right -- under $300.


    Another conscious consumer darling, Norden is another great Canadian coat brand. It's also another Montreal-based brand. This innovative company uses post-consumer waste, transforming it into puffer jackets. It also repairs and restores used coats and donates them.


    Kanuk is serious made-in-Canada winter wear. It makes luxurious puffer coats in beautiful colours. It boasts coats stuffed with synthetic insulation and Hutterite Down, which is made on free-range farms in Western Canada. 


    Arc’teryx makes serious winter wear, like its Thorsen Parka for men. Its exterior is GORE-TEX and its interior is 750 power fill goose down -- so you'll be able to handle anything winter throws at you in style. 

    Canada Goose

    Canada Goose makes coats designed for Canadian winters. Take their men’s Expedition Parka, for example, which was designed for scientists working in Antarctica. It features 625 fill down and Arctic-Tech fabric made to protect you against subzero conditions.

    Grab a coat from one of these fabulous brands and stay warm this winter! We hope these Canadian brand suggestions from Timbercreek help you find the perfect winter coat! 

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  • The best places to toboggan in Calgary

    Jan 16, 2020

    Calgary is a city that knows how to do winter right! To help you enjoy this magical season to the fullest, Timbercreek Communities has a list of the best places to toboggan in Calgary this winter. Maybe we'll see you there!


    St. Andrew's Heights

    St. Andrew's Heights is by far one of the best tobogganing spots in Calgary. Teens, tweens and adults love its long and steep hill, and there is a smaller hill near the Community Centre that's just right for your little ones. 

    Confederation Park

    Confederation Park is a great place to toboggan with the whole family this winter. It has multiple hills and is a simply beautiful area to visit and enjoy. The park also features an outdoor ice rink and recreational pathways that are perfect for winter walks and cross country skiing. 

    Prairie Winds

    Prairie Winds Park is a great place to toboggan as it has a variety of hills suitable for kids of all ages (and kids at heart). It's known for its impressive long and steep slope, but there are plenty of smaller slopes perfect for young kids, too.

    Big Marlborough Park

    Big Marlborough Park is a great place to go on a weekend with the whole family. It's a cozy spot thanks to its warming fire pits set up along its outdoor ice rink. Bring skates to fully enjoy your visit.

    We hope to see you on one these amazing toboggan hills in Calgary this winter! Happy sledding from Timbercreek

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  • The coziest accessories for your home

    Jan 09, 2020

    With winter in full swing, it's time to get cozy in your apartment. To help you create a warm and inviting home, here are the coziest accessories to incorporate into your apartment. 


    Velvet, chunky knit and faux fur throw blankets

    If you really want to ramp up the coziness factor in your apartment, stock up on cozy throw blankets. Our favourite varieties include flannel velvet, chunky knit and faux fur. Drape them on your bed, couch, chairs -- wherever! They're perfect for snuggling under on chilly evenings and they look great, too. Pick some up at Walmart, Homesense or Winners

    Furry pillows

    Another cozy favourite, furry pillows can make a couch, chair or bed feel and look extra cozy. Keep things cruelty-free by buying faux fur. Pick some up at Walmart, Homesense or Winners.  

    Faux fur rugs

    If you have wood or vinyl floors, winter can be a little less than kind to your feet. Cozy up your floors with a faux fur rug or two. It will look luxurious and inviting and keep your toes feeling toasty on a cold day. 

    String lights

    Coziness isn't always tangible in the way a blanket is cozy. Lighting can be cozy, too! Nothing says cozy mood lighting better than a good set of string lights. They cast an inviting and warm glow just about anywhere you can think to hang them. They're also very affordable, so go wild and use them in more than one room.


    Much like string lights, the right candles can create an undeniably cozy atmosphere in any space. We love the look of chunky stand alone candles in variable heights arranged on a coffee table or window sill. If you're worried about open flames, look for flameless candles instead.

    We hope these cozy home accessory suggestions from Timbercreek Communities help you create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

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  • The best winter gear for your dog

    Jan 07, 2020

    With winter in full swing, it's time to think about your dog. Are they as safe and warm as they could be? If you're not sure, read on to learn about our favourite winter gear picks for your pooch.


    A great coat 

    Your dog gets cold on winter walks just like you, so investing in a great coat for your pooch, like The Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coat, is a good plan. This coat is perfect for all your dog's outdoor adventures. It's affordable and well made with a waterproof exterior, thick fleece lining and fiber insulation. This coat comes in many sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your pooch.

    Ear protection

    Your dog's ears are highly sensitive to cold and often exposed to the elements in the winter. Luckily for your pup, the Snood Winter Ear Protector exists. It's the ultimate winter accessory for your dog as it will add warmth to any winter coat. The Snood protects your dog's ears from wind chill and cold. It's basically an adorable and warm fleece hood. It will keep your dog's ears from getting cold or frostbitten.  Best of all, it's adjustable thanks to its two elastic drawstrings.

    Good dog boots

    Your dog doesn't like walking barefoot in winter any more than you do. Protect your pet's tender tootsies with a good pair of booties, like these QUMY Dog Boots, this winter. These boots are waterproof with a well-made and rugged sole that will keep your dog warm and dry when the weather is anything but.

    A warm and cozy bed

    Many pet owners overlook the need for a warm and cozy bed for their dog in their home. Your pup can get cold on your bare floor, so a dedicated cozy dog bed is a must in the winter months. There are a lot of great options out there. We recommend a self-heating dog bed like the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed which is designed to keep your pet warm thanks to a hidden layer of heat-reflective material inside its mattress.

    Timbercreek hopes you enjoy this winter with your pup. Stay warm! 

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  • Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

    Dec 26, 2019

    We love pets! That's why we want to help you keep your pooch safe and warm this winter season. Here are five safety tips from Timbercreek Communities to keep your pets happy and comfortable all winter long.


    Never leave your cat or dog alone in a cold car 

    To keep your pets safe, never leave them alone in a cold car. Winter conditions might not be as harsh as they are during the summer, but it’s still a good idea to take your pets with you. Leaving them unattended might leave them feeling cold and in panic. Plus, sometimes you might be away from the car for only a few minutes, but that could easily turn into an hour and that is bad news for your pets who are locked in the car!

    Wipe your pet’s paws and underside after being outside

    The next time you come back from a winter walk, be sure to wipe your pets’ paws. If you live in the city, the streets are usually covered in salt which can be extremely irritating for dogs. Not only does it burn their little paws, but it can make them sick if they ingest it. Remember to wipe their underside well, especially if they have long fur, since salt and ice can get in there too.

    Don’t let your dog off leash -- especially during a snowstorm

    Your dog probably loves to run off-leash, but during a snowstorm, keep them on a tight leash. You don’t want your dog to panic and get lost. Keep walks short and get back inside as soon as your pooch has finished their business.

    Never shave your dog down to the skin in winter

    Keep your dog's hair long during the winter months -- it’s their winter coat after all! Depending on the kind of breed you have, it might be necessary to brush them every day to get the knots out and get rid of the salt. Also, keep their paw pads clean by trimming the hair. This is where salt, ice and mud build up and create discomfort for your dog.

    Dress for the weather

    Keep your pets warm this winter season with a cozy sweater! If your dog has a short coat or very low body fat, they will need some clothes -- especially if you plan on taking them outside. There are many options out there, so make sure to get something your dog is comfortable in. Also, don’t forget to buy some booties to keep their paws warm. You can also use something as simple as balloons, which will protect their paws from salt.

    Timbercreek hopes you enjoy the winter with your pets. Stay warm! 

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  • Top Winter Jackets To Invest In ​

    Dec 17, 2019

    As temperatures drop across Canada, you’re going to need a serious winter jacket. Timbercreek Communities has rounded up some of the best and warmest winter coats to invest in this season.


    Puffer Jackets

    Thank god puffer jackets are back in style! It's a miracle that one piece of clothing can be so warm, practical and in fashion. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or just be cozy and warm, the puffer jacket is for you. You have the option to choose from sustainable coats, down-filled and technical. Prices range wildly, depending on the brand and functionality. Everlane has amazing and sustainable puffer coats, so does Eddie Bauer -- the creator of the original.

    Shearling Coats

    A shearling coat is the perfect winter coat if style is important to you. Because they are made from sheepskin, or pelts, they are very warm and soft. They can be worn by men or women and if treated with proper care, they can last forever. Keep them away from direct sunlight and never store them away in plastic bags as they need to breathe.

    Sherpa Or Wool Coats

    Sherpa and wool coats are great for fall and winter. A sherpa coat is usually lightweight, fast-drying and often has a polyester lining. A great option for vegans! They are comfortable and cozy and if you layer up, you can be warm all winter long. When it comes to wool coats, there are so many options. Real wool will keep you super warm, but you don’t want to get it wet because it can take forever to dry. Check out Aritzia, Hudson’s Bay and Simon’s for a good selection.

    Down-Filled Parka

    If you’re someone who’s always cold, a down-filled park is probably for you. They come in a variety of lengths, prices and fills. For example, a lightweight, down-filled jacket is great if you like to layer. It’s a great option for frequent travellers because they fold up into a small bag. Many stores sell them -- Uniqlo, Lululemon and Eddie Bauer sell them, just to name a few. For a more heavy-duty jacket, look for coats that have 500-900 fill power, since they will be the warmest and use the best quality down. As a result, they tend to be more expensive. 

    Bundle up and stay warm this winter! We hope these suggestions from Timbercreek help you find the perfect winter jacket for you! 

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  • Unique Winter Activities in Ontario

    Dec 05, 2019

    It never hurts to try to make the most out of winter -- even if it’s not your favourite season. Timbercreek Communities has a list of fun and unique activities in Ontario that you should try this winter.


    Niagara Helicopter Tour

    Have you dreamed of going on a helicopter ride? Well, in Niagara Falls you can do just that! Take a 20 minute ride to take in all the incredible natural beauty of the area from above. Observe the majestic falls, historic landmarks and vineyards. You can also take a private romantic tour or a honeymoon flight. Prices start at $225 per person with National Helicopter Inc.

    Arrowhead Skating Trail

    You won’t find a skating experience like this anywhere else! At Arrowhead Provincial Park, you can actually skate through a forest. And if that’s not fun enough, check out their Fire and Ice Nights which happen on select Saturdays throughout the winter. Tiki torches are placed along the 1.3km trail to light the way as you skate.

    Algonquin Dogsledding

    This winter, enjoy the snowy landscape like never before! About 3 hours north of Toronto, you can go dogsledding. It's a very unique experience. There are many trails in the area and quite a few service providers. With Algonquin Eco Lodge, you can have an interactive experience where you get to harness the dogs and learn how to issue commands. If you’ve never done it before, this is the winter to try!

    Snowkites at Rice Lake 

    Snowkiting is becoming more popular every year, and this is your chance to try it out. From January 18th 20th, 2020, you can check out the Kiteboarding Snowkite Weekend where you can take lessons and check out demos. Day passes are available for $20 and include access to all events and facilities. For more info, check out Kiteboarding Snowkite Weekend.

    Winter in Elora Gorge

    Who said ziplining was only a summer activity? Check out Elora Gorge this winter for some zip-lining and ice climbing fun! Just 90 minutes from Toronto, you can try this awesome activity without having to travel to Costa Rica or Mount Everest. You can ice climb, hack waterfalls and reach the top of a waterfall. How cool is that? To book your adventure, check out One Axe Pursuits.

    Beat the winter blues this year by trying at least one of these unique winter activities from Timbercreek


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  • Winter Festivals Across Canada

    Dec 02, 2019

    There are so many reasons to be excited about winter! Timbercreek Communities wants you to love every season, so we've rounded up these awesome winter festivals happening across Canada for you to discover.

    iStock-155159048 (1)

    Winter Festival of Lights

    Enjoy holiday lights like never before! Every year, Niagara Falls hosts its Winter Festival of Lights where an 8km route is transformed into a winter wonderland. From the world’s largest Canadian-American flag to Noah’s Ark and huge Canadian wildlife displays, this is a spectacle not to be missed! The festival is on from November 16th, 2019 to January 12th, 2020.


    Celebrate winter at this unique festival in Ottawa. Winterlude celebrates Canada’s culture and climate with curling competitions, singalongs, sleigh rides, sledding, ice sculptures and other awesome winter activities. You can enjoy delicious comfort food, skate along the Rideau Canal or check out Jacques Cartier Park -- which becomes one giant winter playground. The festival is on from January 30th to February 17th, 2019.

    Montréal en Lumière

    One of the most highly-anticipated festivals in Quebec is Montréal en Lumière. This annual event celebrates winter and everything it has to offer. There will be a ton of winter outdoor activities, performances, gastronomy and incredible light installations. The festival is also known for its fine dining program which attracts renowned wine producers and chefs from all over. Dress warmly and don’t miss all the fun from February 20th to March 1st, 2020.

    Carnaval de Québec

    Plan a visit to Québec City and check out Carnaval de Québec which runs from February 7th to February 16th, 2020. Bring your family and enjoy outdoor concerts, games, snow and ice sculptures and eat all the Beaver Tails! You can also explore the historic part of the city or watch athletes brave the ice in canoe races! Just make sure to bundle up -- it’s going to be chilly!

    Ice on Whyte

    If you live in Edmonton, you won’t want to miss Ice on Whyte. This annual, family-friendly festival has everything to keep both you and your kids entertained! Take ice carving lessons or sample yummy food. Have a cocktail at the Ice Bar or check out the ice carving competition. Whether it’s a girlfriend getaway, a family trip or a solo visit, there’s something for everyone. Ice on Whyte runs from January 23rd to February 2nd, 2020.

    Timbercreek hopes you will make the most of the winter season at these 5 festivals happening across Canada! 

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