• Find it at your local book store

    Nov 27, 2015

    Local bookstores are becoming a bit of an anomaly. However, with a little searching, these one-of-a-kind shops can still be found within a short drive of Villa St-Jean Apartments (4150 boulevard St-Jean & 51 rue Hasting). Find a great new book at one of today’s bookshops featured by the Timbercreek Communities blog team.

    Librairie Clio

    Librairie Clio (245 North Saint Jean) is an independently owned English bookstore. The TC Hastings BookStoreshop features an impressive selection of fiction, non-fiction, classics and children’s books. Before you go, be sure to check out the array of greeting cards and gifts also offered here. Villa St-Jean Apartments are only a 10-minute drive from this Pointe-Claire shop.

    Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore

    Not only can you find an excellent selection of books at Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore (211 Bernard Ouest), but this is also a fun place to go for book-related events. This local library often hosts poetry nights, readings and workshops for the public. Plan on a 25-minute drive from Villa St-Jean Apartments to attend an evening event at this Montreal favourite.

    Book Market

    Book Market (3343 Boulevard des Sources), just over a five-minute drive from Villa St-Jean Apartments, has eight stores scattered primarily throughout Ontario. The store specializes in used books and is the largest of its kind in North America. For the environmentally conscious reader, this is a guaranteed good choice.

    The Word

    Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, The Word (469 Rue Milton) is perhaps one of the city’s most famous independent bookstores. It has a reputation for attracting students from nearby McGill University. If you are passionate about supporting local bookstores, give this second hand retailer a visit the next time you are in Montreal, which is about a half-hour drive from Villa St-Jean Apartments.

    Explore the shelves of a local bookstore soon, using today’s post from Timbercreek Communities as your guide. For more information about Villa St-Jean Apartments, visit our website.

  • Start swimming at Port de Mer

    Nov 25, 2015

    It is time to put Port de Mer’s swimming pool to use. For today’s post, the blog team at Timbercreek Communities is highlighting this excellent amenity, located at 99 and 101 Place Charles-LeMoyne Apartments.

    Only steps away

    Swimming is one of the best ways to stay in shape as well as a fun activity for all ages. TC Lemoyne Swimming99 and 101 Place Charles-LeMoyne Apartments is home to a state-of-the-art heated swimming pool. There are lockers conveniently located nearby so that you can put your personal items away for safekeeping while you swim. After you are done in the pool, be sure to check out the whirlpool and sauna.

    Improve your swimming skills

    If you are new to swimming or if you want to introduce your child or spouse to the sport, it may be helpful to start with a few lessons. Dozens of swim classes, for all ages and skill levels, are offered at the Downtown YMCA (1400 Stanley Street). Start by viewing the online Swim Level Assessment Aid to determine what lesson is the best fit for you. After you have enrolled for a class, it will take you about 20 minutes using public transportation to get to the YMCA from 99 or 101 Place Charles-LeMoyne Apartments.

    Jump in today

    Ready to start swimming? Novices and professionals alike may want to download a swimming app to make the most of their swim session. Ask a friend or family member to videotape you swimming using Swim Coach Plus HD. This app analyzes footage of your swim and offers advice to improve your stroke. For an app that allows you to track your swim, including which strokes you completed, the distance you went, your average pace and the time it took, download Swim Tracker.

    Whether you swim for leisure or swim for sport, getting in the water is a healthy and fun activity everyone can enjoy. The blog team at Timbercreek Communities invites you to take advantage of the pool at Port de Mer. For more information about either 99 or 101 Place Charles-LeMoyne Apartments in Montreal, visit our website today.
  • Stick to your schedule with these productivity apps

    Nov 23, 2015

    How can you make the most of your time and energy? For today’s post, Timbercreek Communities wants to answer that question. The blog team has compiled their high-tech solutions to improving productivity at 2125 Rue Saint-Marc Apartments.


    Being productive becomes much harder when you have multipleTC StMarc Apps projects going on, countless events to attend and endless piles of homework to conquer. Step one to improving productivity is downloading an app that helps you build to-do lists for each of your obligations. Wunderlist allows you to create, organize and share multiple lists to cleanly organize everything you need to do. Plus, you can set alarms to keep yourself on task and on schedule.


    Improve productivity by improving your memory. Use Anki to create media-rich flash cards. The next time you need to memorize facts and figures for an upcoming exam, save time with this helpful memorization tool.


    Do you spend precious minutes surfing the web for the daily news you need and love? Feedly compiles news and magazine stories into a text-only view for efficient browsing. Users can customize their feed by topic or custom subscriptions. If you are short on time, the app allows you to quickly and easily save an article for offline viewing at a different time.


    RescueTime helps you determine what is consuming your workday. The app runs in the background of your computer or mobile device to calculate exactly where the precious minutes of your day are spent. After the day is done, you will receive detailed reports on your activity. Improve productivity with this helpful tool


    With so many different calendars to keep track of, you can spend more time weeding through the various apps than actually getting anything done. Sunrise promotes productivity by connecting each and every calendar you have, from your Facebook calendar to your calendar at work. Keep track of how your schedule fits together, important deadlines and must-attend meetings.

    Which app will you try first? Timbercreek Communities hopes that today’s post unlocks the secret of productivity for your continued success. For more information about 2125 Rue Saint-Marc Apartments, visit our website today.

  • Stay active indoors this winter

    Nov 20, 2015

    The cold weather can make keeping up with your favourite exercise activity difficult, if not impossible. How can you stay active during the winter months? For today’s post, the Timbercreek Communities blog team has compiled a few helpful suggestions for ways to stay active indoors near Carrefour Victoria Apartments (222 Rue Woodstock).

    Start at home

    If you have yet to use the exercise amenities within Carrefour Victoria Apartments, set aside time this winter to explore the many options located within your very own apartment building. Fitness facilities include an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and gym. After you are finished exercising, enjoy a book in the library or a board game with friends in the games room.

    Take a class nearby

    Yoga is popular in the community of St. Lambert and the greater Montreal area, with many studios nearby to choose from. For example, Luna Yoga (TC Woodstock Active231 Rue Saint Paul Ouest Suite 200) is a local yoga studio that is only a 10-minute drive from Carrefour Victoria Apartments. Beginning yoga students may prefer to sign up for a one-on-one class, which provides hands-on assistance and immediate feedback to ensure you are safe and comfortable while stretching and trying the poses.

    Get to know the YMCA

    Montreal’s many YMCAs are not only affordable, they also offer a number of classes, including Gentle Fitness, which is especially designed for senior members. Enjoy cycling, swimming, playing squash or participating in a group aerobics class from the warmth of the indoor YMCA this summer. The YMCA Centre-Ville (1440 Rue Stanley) is about a 15-minute drive from Carrefour Victoria Apartments.

    Practice little habits

    Walking the halls, stretching in the morning and lifting light weights are all excellent activities that you can do without leaving your cozy Carrefour Victoria Apartment.

    The Timbercreek Communities blog team hopes that today’s post inspires you to commit to a healthy, active winter, no matter how cold it gets outside. For more information about Carrefour Victoria Apartments, visit our website today.
  • Where to find hot drinks on cold days in Montreal

    Nov 18, 2015

    How do you beat the cold? When the temperatures start to dip in Montreal, there is nothing better than a warm and delicious drink. For today’s post, the Timbercreek Communities blog team is committed to helping you find the perfect beverage for a cold day at a local shop near Tour d’Auteuil Apartments (2150 de Maisonneuve Ouest).

    Café Myriade

    Escape the cold with a cup of high-quality coffee from Café Myriade (1432 Rue Mackay). This neighbourhood coffee shop is quaint and cozy, the peTC Maisonneuve HotDrinksrfect place to warm up this winter. To get here, walk just 10 minutes from Tour d’Auteuil Apartments.

    4U Tea House

    4U Tea House (1818 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest) has a relaxed ambience that makes it a good place for reading a book or catching up with a close friend. In addition to excellent tea, the shop also sells a variety of bite-sized treats and desserts. Tour d’Auteuil Apartments is a seven-minute walk from this teahouse.

    Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur

    Beans are roasted on-site at Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur (3632 Rue Notre Dame Ouest), making this trendy nearby shop a top choice for true coffee connoisseurs. The café is small with only a few tables and church pews for seating, but your beverage is sure to warm you up no matter the temperature outside. To experience the café for yourself, plan on a 20-minute walk or 10-minute bike ride from Tour d’Auteuil Apartments.

    Kafein Café-Bar

    Kafein Café-Bar (1429 Rue Bishop), a 10-minute walk from Tour d’Auteuil Apartments, is a fun choice for a cold day in part because of its downstairs seating. This lounge area offers comfortable couches for reading, chatting or just simply warming up after being outdoors.

    For a warm drink on a cold day, start at one of today’s featured neighbourhood cafes, compiled by the Timbercreek Communities blog team. For more information about Tour d’Auteuil Apartments, visit our website.

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