• Planning a trip to Pelee Island

    Sep 16, 2014

    Plan a trip to Pelee Island this fall with our Timbercreek guide to Pelee Island, including how to get there and interesting activities for the whole family. Timbercreek Communities offers a wide variety of rental apartments in some of the most sought-out areas of Windsor. Timbercreek has properties overlooking the Detroit river, within walking distant to the University of Windsor and in the heart of bustling downtown Windsor. 
    TC Pelee Island

    Pelee Island is one of Ontario’s premier tourist destinations where visitors of all ages can enjoy stunning sandy beaches, mild temperatures, a large variety of plants and wildlife, beautiful green spaces, and an interesting history. Pelee Island is located in the western part of Lake Erie and is considered to be Canada’s most southerly populated area. The island itself is only 14.5 kilometers long and 5.5 kilometers wide and has a Mediterranean climate that is one of the country’s mildest. There are fewer than 200 permanent inhabitants on the island, but Pelee Island has a bustling tourism industry.

    Activities at Pelee Island

    There are many things to do on Pelee Island including enjoying nature, walking on sandy beaches, visiting the island’s wineries and restaurants as well as exploring the rich history of the area.

    Pelee Island Heritage Centre

    The Pelee Island Heritage Centre introduces visitors to the colourful past and present of Pelee Island. The Centre is open daily from the beginning of May until the end of October and uses special exhibits, presentations, and interesting publications to educate guests on the history of the island. Admission to the Pelee Island Heritage Centre is free, making it a great place to start your journey through Pelee Island.

    Pelee Island Winery

    Pelee Island is home to the oldest estate winery in Canada, Pelee Island Winery. Interactive winery tours are offered at the Pelee Island Winery seven days a week throughout the year and start with a brief wine-making tutorial followed by a walk through the heart of Canada’s leading estate winery. The tour concludes with a tasting of wines from the cellar.

    Fish Point

    Fish Point is located on the southwestern tip of Pelee Island and is a 110-hectare Provincial Nature Reserve. This area is defined by gently rolling shallow sand over a limestone plain. This scenic area is perfect for adventurous people looking to explore and enjoy nature. Fish Point is also a great place to view wildlife and has a large assortment of aquatic birds.


    Pelee Island has a number of public beaches.  Each beach offers a variety of different settings ranging from stone and shale to pebble and soft sand. Sunset Beach is one of Pelee Island’s most scenic beaches and is located on West Shore Road, north of the ferry docks, and is perfect for swimming and kayaking.

    Getting to Pelee Island

    Pelee Island is approximately two and a half hours from Windsor by car (and then ferry). For people coming from Windsor, the directions to the Pelee Island ferry docks are as follows:

    • Take Huron Church Road from Windsor.
    • Follow this for 10 kilometres to the 401 junction and take Highway 3 East towards Leamington.
    • For Leamington ferry docks: Follow Hwy 3 east to Hwy 77, turning south (RIGHT). The road ends at the ferry docks.
    • For Kingsville ferry docks: Follow Hwy 3 east to Division Road, turning south (RIGHT).
    • Follow through town to the lake. Ferry docks are a block to the east (LEFT).

    For additional information about getting to Pelee Island, visit the Island’s website.


  • Where to work out in Richmond Hill

    Sep 11, 2014

    Looking to get a killer workout in the Richmond Hill area? The following recommendations from Timbercreek Communities are all located close to our Richmond Hill  community at 274-278 Cedar Avenue and include a variety of options from yoga to swimming and the traditional gym setting. Timbercreek’s Richmond Hill community is located in a quiet and family-friendly residential neighbourhood close to schools, public transportation, entertainment, shopping and these recreational facilities.

    Goodlife Fitness

    Goodlife Fitness offers its members a more traditional workout that includes strength training equipment, cardiovascular machines, group classes and more. Goodlife Fitness is less than a 20-minute walk from our Richmond Hill community at 274 Cedar Avenue and is a convenient place to work up a sweat. The facility offers state-of-the-art machines, qualified and dedicated fitness trainers and a large variety of group classes that includes spinning, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, Zumba and many others. For more information about club hours, features, and rates please visit Goodlife’s Richmond Hill website

    Bikram Yoga

    Looking to get your body, brain, and overall being in fighting form? Bikram yoga uses Hatha yoga in a heated room to tone, sculpt, strengthen, detoxify and relax you from head to toe. This type of yoga uses a sequence of 26 different yoga poses designed to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  The yoga is practiced in a heated room in order to warm the muscles, prevent injury and to cleanse the body by flushing out toxins through sweating. This type of yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Bikram Yoga Richmond Hill is less than a 15-minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s 278 Cedar Avenue community in Richmond Hill.

    Centennial Pool

    Using a swimming pool for exercise is a fantastic way to get in a full body workout that is low-impact and refreshing. The Centennial Pool & Fitness Studio is only a seven-minute bicycle ride from Timbercreek’s Richmond Hill community and features a 25-meter swimming pool complete with six lanes for lap swimming. The pool also offers recreational swimming, lane designated swim times, leisure swims and seniors-only swims.  The facility offers accessible change rooms for both individuals and families. Working out in the water burns calories and forces you to fully engage your muscles due to the water’s continuous resistance (all while being low impact). This makes it a great workout for people of all ages, whether you are looking to burn fat, build muscle or increase flexibility.

    Get into fighting form with the fitness facilities mentioned in this article. Sportcheck is only a five-minute drive from Timbercreek’s Richmond Hill apartments, and offers the latest and greatest in fitness gear and equipment including yoga attire, swimsuits and everyday athletic gear.

  • Get to know Winnipeg on these local tours

    Sep 10, 2014

     Timbercreek’s Winnipeg communities are located in some of the most bustling areas of the city including the established St. Vital area and the heart of vibrant downtown Winnipeg.

    Exchange District

    The Exchange District in Winnipeg is a National Historic Site of Canada in the downtown area of the city. This section of the city is comprised of 20 city blocks and more than 150 heritage buildings. Guided tours of this area are broken down into the West Tour and East Tour. The West Tour is approximately 1.5 hours in length and highlights the history and architecture of the buildings on the West side of Main Street. Popular tour stops include Newspaper Row, turn of the century hotels, the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute and more. The East Tour is also approximately 1.5 hours in length and focuses on the history and architecture of structures on the East side of Main Street. Highlights include turn of the century banks, the Grain Exchange Building, Hell’s Alley and the newly developed Waterfront Drive. For information about scheduling and rates visit the Exchange District’s website. Timbercreek’s 15 Arden Avenue community is only a ten-minute drive to the Old Market Square, the departing point for all Exchange District tours.

    Public Art Bicycle and Walking Tours

    This summer, why not spend some time learning about the artwork you likely walk or ride by every day? The Winnipeg Arts Council has commissioned free walking and bicycle riding tours of the city’s public art pieces including a variety of art installations and sculptures. Some works are fun, colourful and interactive whereas others encourage quiet contemplation. This is an informative excursion that helps you better understand Winnipeg’s public art, artists and the city itself. Bicycle and walking tours are available at varying levels of difficulty and around different parts of the city. For more information on tour dates and times visit the Winnipeg Arts Council website to book your tour.

    North Point Douglas History Tour

    North Point Douglas is an area rich in history that started as a traditional gathering place for Aboriginal tribes and later housed the first group of Selkirk Settlers in 1812. For many decades following the arrival of the Selkirk settlers, this area was considered to be one of the most prestigious locations in Winnipeg in which to live. North Point Douglas is situated on a stunning peninsula of land on the river, giving easy access to the Hudson Bay post for supplies, drinking water and transportation. The North Point Douglas Walking Through History Tour begins at the Ross House Museum in Joe Zuken Heritage Park and is approximately 45 minutes long. This tour is free and runs throughout the summer months. Timbercreek’s Winnipeg community at 160 Smith Street is a five-minute drive or 30-minute walk from the Tour’s starting point at Joe Zuken Heritage Park.

    Whether you are a tourist in town for a few days or a long term resident of the city, get to know Winnipeg better with these guided walking tours.

  • Three apartment projects to tackle this fall

    Sep 09, 2014
    Get down to business this fall with the following important apartment projects to tackle. Once these simple tasks have been completed you will instantly feel less stressed and more organized. Timbercreek has apartments throughout Canada including our  Mississauga communities located in the most convenient and accessible locations in the city. Let’s start tackling!

    Closet Cleanout

    With fall right around the corner, there is no better time to switch out your wardrobe and clear out any closet clutter. The first step in the closet de-cluttering process is to physically clear out all closets and drawers onto a cleared off space on the floor. With this all-encompassing view you will immediately be able to see how much stuff you have and how much space you have to fill. Once the objects are laid out, the best way to proceed is by dividing and conquering. Organize things into like categorizes of what you want to keep, possibly save and throw-out. If in doubt follow the ‘one year rule’, which dictates that if you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, it’s probably time to toss it. Next, invest in some organization before putting items back into their original places. Check out Homesense, less than a ten-minute drive from Timbercreek’s 30 Central Parkway West community for items like slim hangers, handy shoe compartments, hampers and more. Finally separate your unwanted clothing into three piles: toss, donate and sell, and enjoy your newly cleaned closest.

    Organize & Display Photos

    Have hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs lying around both your home and computer? Now is the time to go through your photos and put them to good use. Spend a couple of hours going through and organizing any photos on your computer. Separate your favourites into a different folder where they can easily be found and then printed. When you are ready to print your pictures simply put them on a USB drive and take to a photograph printing location such as Costco or Henry’s, both a five-minute drive from Timbercreek’s 3315 Fieldgate Drive apartments. Have them printed in the style you like (i.e. glossy or matte) and put into decorative frames for some sentimental décor that will make your apartment feel like home.

    Clean out the fridge and freezer

    This final task is probably the most dreaded among the three but is simple and easy with a plan of action in mind. Cleaning out the fridge and freezer makes healthy eating more convenient and also means that the food coming out of your fridge/freezer is safer to eat. Let’s look at how to cleanout your fridge and then freezer:


    • Take everything out of your fridge and throw away any mouldy or suspect foods. Be sure to check all expiration dates and remember ‘when in doubt, throw it out’
    • Wipe the shelves and drawers with warm water and mild soap. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean towel
    • Organize items by likeness (i.e. condiments, dressings, cheeses, etc.)
    • The most ‘stable’ foods should be kept in the shelves on the door (such as condiments) and items that spoil easily like meats, cheeses and vegetables should be kept in the drawers of the fridge
    • Use a thermometer and check your refrigerator to ensure that the temperature is somewhere between 36 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit


    • Remove all items from your freezer and take inventory
    • Toss any items with visible freezer burn or that you no longer need/won’t use
    • Re-wrap items you are keeping in plastic wrap or store in special freezer bags to avoid air exposure which causes freezer burn
    • Keep in mind that cooked meats and most leftovers will last up to two months while uncooked meats may be good for up to six months. Veggies and most other unopened foods will last for approximately one year.
    • For a guide on how to disinfect your freezer visit ‘Real Simple’s’ directions here for more information

    Complete these tasks for a more organized and happy home. Fall is the perfect time to clean out your home and make room for winter wear and seasonal leftovers.

  • Your guide to Toronto food trucks

    Sep 05, 2014

    In recent years Toronto has seen a trend in delicious and unique food trucks that have residents eating fast yet fun food throughout the city. There are an assortment of different food trucks offering up their specialties from smoked meat to fish tacos to poutine and many more. Today we’re taking a look at a few popular food truck eats in the city as well as where to find them. Timbercreek’s Toronto Communities  are located in some of the city’s hottest areas including Liberty Village, the Upper Beaches and the bustling Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood.

     Food Truck Must-Try’s 


    Caplansky’s is one of Toronto’s best-known food trucks and for good reason. This Jewish deli on wheels (named the Thunderin’ Thelma) offers classic staples such as brisket sandwiches, delicious smoked meat, latke pakoras and heart stopping maple-bacon doughnuts. Caplansky’s brick and mortar restaurant is less than a 15minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s 392 Sherbourne Street community , for days where you don’t want to hunt down the food truck.

    El Gastronomo Vagbundo

    This award-winning pioneer of the Ontario gourmet street food movement offers a delicious menu of globally inspired cuisine. Best bets at El Gastronomo Vagbundo include their gourmet tacos, Southeast Asian specialties and meal-sized fresh salads.

    Hogtown Smoke

    Hogtown Smoke is a Southern barbecue truck offering up big flavours and lunchtime lineups. Food favourites at Hogtown Smoke include their pulled pork sandwich, fiery chili, pulled pork poutine and smoked chicken wings.

    Buster’s Sea Cove

    Buster’s Sea Cove food truck was launched when the popular brick-and-mortar St. Lawrence Market shop launched its first truck in 2012. If you enjoy fresh seafood with a twist this food truck is your best bet. The lobster roll and shrimp tacos are this food truck’s best sellers, so start your culinary journey there.

    Top Food Truck Locations 

    Let’s take a look at the most popular food truck locations in the city:

    • Sony Centre
    • 10 Bay Street
    • Yonge and Bloor
    • John St. and Pearl St.
    • Roundhouse Park
    • Willcocks and St. George 

    For updated daily truck whereabouts and service schedules check out Torontofoodtrucks.ca and download the companion app for real time updates including menu changes, daily locations and more.

    Finally, be sure to check out Awestruck 2014 which is the final food truck rally and awards ceremony of the season. This event takes place on Saturday, September 6th and features over 30 of the city’s favourite food trucks. Admission is free and more information can be found here.

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