• Live in the Heart of ByWard Market at York Towers (135 York Street, Ottawa ON)

    Jun 27, 2013

    This professionally managed building is located in the heart of ByWard Market; living here puts the best of Ottawa at your fingertips. York Towers is located close to the University of Ottawa, the Rideau Center and the heart of the capital’s downtown core.

    The neighbourhood derives its name from the popular and historic market. This is an amazing piece of history and local culture; ByWard is one of Canada’s oldest markets. It’s easy to source fresh and local produce from the year-round open market with over 260 stands. ByWard really is the most exciting neighbourhood in Ottawa, with great nightlife, art galleries and museums and trendy restaurants.

    Looking to ditch the car and take transit? Living in York Towers, our residents are within walking distance of everything needed to enjoy the city. Nearby parks, schools and public transit are all close to your doorstep. Walkscore gives York Towers a score of 97, ranking it as a Walker’s Paradise where daily errands do not require a car. There is also a number of car and bike shares nearby including five BIXI bike stations, with the closest located at York and Dalhousie Street about one hundred meters away. Additionally, both outdoor and indoor parking spots are available to residents for an additional cost.

    At York Towers, your security is important to us; live in comfort with a controlled-access lobby and a professional management team in the building. Timbercreek offers a variety of rental apartments in this trendy neighbourhood and that include bachelors, one and two bedrooms. All of our units are freshly painted, fully renovated and move-in ready with amazing views of downtown Ottawa and Gatineau Hills.

    To protect your peace of mind, our Certified Rental Building  (CRB) is well maintained and adheres to the standards of practice outlined by CRB. This includes: strict adherence to regular building cleaning schedules, annual suite inspections and interest on last month’s rent paid to our tenants. Learn more about the Certified Rental Building program and quality assurance by visiting: Why Choose a Certified Rental Building.
  • Art and Décor

    Jun 25, 2013

    Art and décor are a big part of what transforms an apartment into a home.  Today, the Timbercreek Blog has rounded up a few easy and affordable options for art to hang on your Brantford apartment walls.

    • Look for historical postcards of Brantford or unique postcard-sized prints to complete a vintage postcard installation. Head to the Crossroads Flea Market for lots of options. Frame a few favourites or make a DIY postcard stand or holder. For more inspiration, check out these installations and instructions: Postcard Art Roundup.
    • If postcards aren’t your thing and you’re still looking for unique vintage pieces for your walls, search antique stores and flea markets for vintage textiles.  Finds such as quilts or scarves work well in a simple frame. We’ve seen amazing scarves and blankets at second hand stores for as little as two dollars. This adds some flair to your walls while keeping costs minimal. Choose bold prints, interesting colours and splurge on a few pieces, then fold and frame to keep them intact for wear at a later date.
    • T-shirt Frames: don’t get rid of old t-shirts that you love. Instead, consider this cool way to fill up empty walls.  Show off your favourite tee instead of letting it sit unseen in your closet. All you’ll need is a box frame to stretch the material over. Instructables.com has an easy-to-follow set of instruction for how to frame a t-shirt on the cheap.
    • Online service Poster Jack uses Canadian manufactured canvas to transform your digital photos onto a large work of canvas art for your walls.  If you’re anything like us and have trouble levelling pictures and prints, Poster Jack also makes custom wall stickers that are an installer’s dream for putting art and colours on the wall. Even better, this service won’t affect the paint.
    • Panoramic Historic Prints are a blast from the past and awesome pieces of wall art. We found this awesome print from Zazzle.ca, it’s an 1875 Brantford Bird’s Eye Panoramic View of the city. This piece would really make a statement and a medium sized print, costs around $50 with shipping included.
    • Support the local arts community and purchase a piece from a Brantford artist. There are tons of great pieces from local artists; browse the Brantford Artist Creative Business Listing to get an understanding of what’s available. From there you’ll be able to find pieces, events or artists that interest you. While this option may be a bit more expensive, these can be thought of as investment pieces that never go out of style.

    Local Shopping & Resources:
    Brantford Arts Block
    21-111 Sherwood Drive
    Brantford, ON

    Crossroads Flea Market
    1146 Colborne East
    Brantford, ON

    Value Village
    595 W Street
    Brantford, ON

    Do you have any insight on great spots around Brantford to buy and find supplies for wall art? Leave your comments for the Timbercreek community online.

    Timbercreek offers rental apartments in some of the most convenient neighbourhoods of Brantford. Our rentals are ideal for those who appreciate convenience and ease of living downtown. Centennial Towers (150 Darling Street & 129 Wellington Street) is a great place to call home and offers outstanding building amenities including an indoor swimming pool, a fitness facility and an on-site management team. Our Brantford apartments are located blocks away from the downtown and a quick walk to Wilfrid Laurier University, Nipissing University and Mohawk College campuses. Request an appointment and contact our team for more information on our Brantford apartments or any Timbercreek communities across Canada.

  • Long Weekend Roadtrips

    Jun 20, 2013

    The Canada Day long weekend is coming up and it marks the beginning of summer! Where will you be spending your long weekend? Located centrally in southern Ontario, Hamilton is only a few hours’ drive to Waterloo Region, Toronto, London, Cottage Country and points between. If you’re planning on road tripping from Hamilton this weekend, then we’ve got you covered for car-friendly treats. These are all easy to prep right at home in your Hamilton apartment. 

    • When packing sandwiches, remember to go with options that are light on sauces and easy to hold. Think: sliced deli meats: cured salami, summer sausage and a hearty cheese. Remember to cut your sandwich like mom used to -small triangles or squares are the perfect size to nibble on when you’re driving.
    • For a sandwich alternative, try tortilla roll-ups using cream cheese and other toppings to taste. The cheese holds everything together which makes it easy to eat while en route.
    • What’s a road trip without some jerky? Choose low sodium offerings as a healthy alternative to this classic road trip treat.
    • Grapes are a great grab and go option to get some fruit while you’re on the road without making a mess. For an added twist, pop those grapes in freezer the night before.
    • Cut up some cucumber, carrots and peppers. If you can’t eat your veggies without a dip pick up a thick hummus to avoid drips and spills.
    • DIY trail mix: forget the pre-packaged stuff. Make your own from your favourite combination of nuts and dried fruit. We’re fans of whole shelled almonds, dried cranberries, dried apricots and cherries mixed with unsalted dry-roasted peanuts.
    • DIY Kale Chips: make them the night before and these low fat crispy treats are great to share with your friends.

    Other tips:

    • Stock up a small cooler with ice and frozen water bottles. Add cucumber and mint to your water bottle for a refreshing treat.
    • Bring refillable coffee cups for the inevitable Timmy’s run.
    • Keep a garbage and recycling container or bag handy to keep the car tidy as you snack.
    • Skip the chain fast food options and stop by roadside food stands, diners and fry trucks. Not only are they kinder on the wallet, you’ll also be supporting small businesses and getting a truer taste of Ontario.

    Even if you’re sticking around Hamilton for the long weekend, pack some snacks and spend a day at the harbour front. Where are you heading for the long weekend? We’d love to hear your plans with any tips for an easy road trip over the long weekend.  Hamilton is a wonderful place to call home and Timbercreek offers rental apartments throughout the heart of downtown Hamilton and the Durand district.

  • Start swimming this spring: where to go & how to get started

    Jun 18, 2013

    Swimming is one of the best workouts out there; it’s a great aerobic exercise with a low impact on joint and muscles. In the city of St. Catharines, Ontario, there are a number of great options to get started with this effective exercise. This week, the Timbercreek team has pulled together locations, programs and even apps to help make you a better swimmer.

    Kiwanis Aquatic Centre
    This is an amazing municipal facility that features two pools: one for leisure and one for training and swimming laps. The centre features a number of fitness and swimming programs available for residents of St. Catharines. There’s also a public library that shares the location. The Kiwanis Aquatic Centre is a three-minute drive from our Timbercreek apartments.

    For those new to the pool, we suggest the Dipping In Program at the Aquatic Centre. This introductory class strives to make everyone comfortable with the pool and attending fitness and swimming classes. The forty-five minute sessions cover the basic moves and strokes used during in-pool fitness classes. The program is held in the Aquatic Centre’s leisure pool and deckside. Alternatively, there are also private or semi-private swimming lessons available.

    There’s also a Masters’ Swimming Program for adults interested in training and participating on a competitive team.  A certified coach supervises the Masters’ Swim program and will lead participants through a customized workout each session. Joining a swim team is a great way to build your endurance as well as make new friends and connections within the St. Catharines community. For any of those more competitively inclined, the Masters’ program gives participants an option to register with the provincial Masters’ Swimming Ontario for swim meets.

    For more details check out: Spring-Summer Leisure Guide 2013

    425 Carlton Street
    At the corner of Niagara and Carlton at Lester B. Pearson Park
    St. Catharines, ON
    L2M 0A9

    Take a dive at home
    The Timbercreek apartment community at Roehampton Place also features an outdoor pool for use in the summer months. Even if you’re not into swimming laps, there are a number of moves you can do for a full-body workout. We love these suggestions from Fit Sugar in the article Easy Pool Workouts for Beginners. Check the article out for some simple and fun ways to exercise in the water. All you need is a pool noodle and a warm afternoon. Of course, the pool can also be used to relax in the water and enjoy your time at home.

    Apps and Online Resources
    Freestyle Swimming 
    For $2.99, download an app that will help you to perfect your freestyle stroke. The app features tips, tricks and videos from an Olympic swim coach. This covers both land-based drill examples and in-pool workouts. (Just remember to waterproof your smart phone or tablet before taking it poolside!)

    Morning Swim Show
    This website features video and podcast content for daily swimming news and inspiring swimmer interviews. There are tons of great workouts and resources for all swimmers from beginners to advanced level.

  • Cleaning out your closet

    Jun 13, 2013

    For a final spring cleaning push, we want to help residents of our London, Ontario apartment communities to purge and clean out their closets. Purging can be a cathartic experience, especially when you can donate or repurpose old belongings and skip the landfill. Here are some tips and tricks to efficiently tackle your closet and some information on services that help you donate your items.

    Before you begin your serious closet cleaning, make sure to have some containers, corrugated boxes and clear plastic garbage bags on hand. This will help you sort your items for repurposing or donating.

    Work on Individual Areas
    Don’t make anything more complicated than it needs to be. Resist the temptation to pull everything out of your closet only to push it back in. Set a Saturday or Sunday aside and break the task into smaller projects to make your cleaning more accessible and efficient.

    Consider if an Item is a Want or a Need:
    Fight against any hesitation you may have to throw items away. Try to distance yourself from sentimentality and see clutter for what it really is – junk!

    Use the three pile system when clearing your closet: keep, donate and maybe. When you’ve divided all of your items, take an hour or two away from your closet to clear your head. Time will help you distinguish which items should be kept and which shouldn’t, so take a break before you jump back in and tackle the maybe pile.

    The Hanger Trick
    If you still can’t decide which items of clothing to get rid of, try the ‘hanger trick’ to identify which items you never wear.  To start, place all the hangers backwards on the closet rod. Whenever you wear something, return it to the closet forwards on the rod. By the end of the summer, it will be clear which pieces you never wear. It’s time to donate those pieces; if you haven’t worn it in months, you probably don’t need to keep it.

    Host a Clothing Swap
    Invite some friends over and ask them to bring along their own unwanted clothing. Break out a few snacks and cocktails and spend the evening putting on a fashion show. You’ll each replace your unwanted clothes new pieces to wear. Don’t worry about getting stuck with the cast-off clothing at the end of the night. Instead, schedule a Clothesline pickup from the Canadian Diabetes Society. The Clothesline program lets you schedule a free clothing pick-up from your door. In addition to used clothing, the Canadian Diabetes society also accepts electronics and household items. 100 per cent of proceeds raised by Clothesline support the Canadian Diabetes Association in its research, education and advocacy work.

    Other Options to Donate

    Life Spin (Low Income Family Empowerment) Free Store
    Life Spin works to empower and provide support for low-income Ontarians. Its Free Store offers a service where London residents in need can pick up household items, clothing, shoes, toys, books and furniture. No one owns the free store or the pieces within; it belongs to everyone.  People bring clothes, books, household items and appliances and are free to take whatever they want. No money exchanges hands.

    866A Dundas Street
    London, ON

    Community Clothing Centre
    The Community Clothing Centre works alongside businesses, charities and community groups to distribute free clothing to those in need. Keep an eye out for donation bins around local businesses and locations throughout London.

    924 Dundas Street (West of Quebec Street)
    London, ON

    We’d love to hear your feedback on the best way to clean and de-clutter your closet. We’re also eager for feedback about donation centres and causes to support around London.

    Timbercreek has a number of rental apartments in some of the best neighbourhoods throughout London including the historic neighbourhood of Woodfield, the Western University community as well as apartments in the heart of downtown London.

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