• Start thinking about a balcony garden

    Feb 27, 2015

    Spring will soon be in the air, which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your balcony garden back! Timbercreek Communities can show you how and when to do this, recommend plants and local shopping suggestions to make the most out of your balcony garden.

    Start Planning

    Before starting your balcony garden you will need a plan. Be sure to first check with building management for any balcony use guidelines. After you are given the go-ahead you’ll need to learn about the proper growing conditions for your desired plant types such as temperature, sunlight required, water needed and more. Be sure to choose your seeds wisely, thinking about things like climate considerations, if these plants will eventually live in containers, watering requirements and more. SproutRobot is a helpful online source that can help you find the right plant type for your lifestyle.

    Start Inside

    Get a head start on your balcony garden by starting the process inside when spring first starts. Some plants, like tomatoes, will need to be planted indoors in a greenhouse type environment before being transplanted outside. You can easily pick up a small greenhouse starter kit for your plants to give them an early start inside. A full Guide to Indoor Gardening is available from Real Simple for more tips and tricks. Canadian Tire is only a five-minute walk from Timbercreek’s Lower Sackville Apartments and is a great place to purchase supplies, containers and get expert advice on your balcony garden.

    What to Grow

    TC Sackville Garden

    Your balcony’s conditions such as exposure to sun and wind will help determine the best vegetation for your garden. Fruits, vegetables and herbs are great for container gardening as they don’t require too much space, are lightweight and can be started off inside. For container gardens that last throughout the winter and summer months, look for warm-weather annuals that bloom throughout the summer and have foliage that still remains active during winter. Plants such as geraniums, marigolds, begonias, and scarlet sage are all great choices that will last the entire year with proper care.


    When it comes to designing your balcony garden, the same basic principles apply on a balcony as they do in a traditional yard. For more visual interest, try using a variety of container types and plant sizes to create enhanced depth and dimension. Layer flowers with taller plants in the back and smaller ones in the front to avoid visual clutter.

    Embrace the changing warmer weather by getting your balcony garden ready for spring and summer.

  • What to expect at the K-W Comedy Festival

    Feb 25, 2015

    Looking for a laugh? The Kitchener-Waterloo Comedy Festival is coming to town from March 5th until March 7th. Enjoy an amazing lineup of comedians and events. Today Timbercreek Communities has a breakdown of the festival and can’t-miss shows to check out. Our Kitchener apartments are located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Victoria Hills, just west of the city’s lively downtown core.

    About the Festival

    The Kitchener-Waterloo Comedy Festival is bringing big, bold and hilarious names in comedy to multiple venues across Kitchener-Waterloo. The festival is taking place from March 5th until March 7th and includes a variety of performances by homegrown and international talent. There are also family-friendly shows that allow the kiddos to get in on the comedic action.

    Tickets and Venues

    TC Kitchener Comedy

    Tickets are available both online and at the door at certain venues. There are a number of ticket options available, which include individual tickets, exclusive VIP passes, exclusive extra VIP passes and Opening Night Gala passes. The exclusive VIP pass includes a premium-reserved seat at the Opening Night Gala, plus your choice of any show Friday March 6th and one show Saturday March 7th. Comedy venues include Centre in the Square, Starlight Lounge, Chainsaw, The Jazz Room, McCabe’s Pub and The Registry Theatre. Centre in the Square is only a 20-minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s 50 Mooregate Crescent Community in Kitchener.

    Best Bets

    With so many amazing comedians performing at the Kitchener-Waterloo Comedy Festival, we’ve rounded up three can’t-miss headlining performers to watch out for at the festival. The full schedule of all performers, venues and times is available here.

    Shaun Majumder

    Canadian born and bred, this Gemini award-winning actor and comedian started performing as a teenager and hasn’t stopped since. His work has taken him through the world of theatre, standup comedy, improv and on the gold and silver screens. His film credits include Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Ladies Man, Pushing Tin and many more.

    Jen Grant

    Jen Grant has performed at every major comedy festival in the country including the Just for Laughs Festival, and the Halifax and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals. She can be heard on CBC’s The Debaters and even has her own TV special on The Comedy Network.

    Mark Forward

    Mark Forward is a Canadian comedian who has been featured on John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson, Funny As Hell and Just For Laughs. This talented writer and standup comedian can also be seen on the Jon Dore Television Show and on Joke or Choke on CTV.

    Enjoy a few days of fun at the Kitchener-Waterloo Comedy Festival. Watch your favourite comedians perform and check out great local events happening near you.

  • Head to Westfield Heritage Village for the Maple Syrup Festival

    Feb 23, 2015

    Maple Syrup is one of Canada’s national treasures and a part of the Canadian identity. In the following article Timbercreek Communities will give you a breakdown of the Maple Syrup Festival happening at Westfield Heritage Village. Our Hamilton communities are located throughout the city including the heart of downtown Hamilton and the convenient Durand district.

    About the Festival

    Eat, enjoy and learn more about maple syrup at the Westfield Heritage Village Maple Syrup Festival. Explore the making of maple syrup from tree to the table in three different time periods. These include Canada’s First Nations, 19th century pioneers and through modern times and technology. This festival is the perfect family-friendly activity and includes a variety of other activities including tastings, treats, horse and wagon rides, games and a delicious pancake breakfast. The Maple Syrup Festival runs on Sundays during March break, which include the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of March. Admission is $11 for adults, $10 for seniors and $6.50 for children aged six to 12.

    Westfield Heritage Village

    Westfield Heritage Village is a stunning collection of over 30 unique historical buildings. The buildings are fully restored and staffed with costumed interpreters, informative guides and the charm and spirit of early Canadian culture. Westfield Heritage Village is one of the most interesting historical destinations in Ontario and is located at 1048 Kirkwall Road, a 20-minute drive from our 50 Glen Road Community in Hamilton. Westfield is open Sundays and holidays from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

    Maple Syrup Festival at Bronte Creek

    TC Hamilton Syrup

    If you are still looking for more maple syrup fun after the Westfield Heritage Village Maple Syrup Festival, make sure to check out Bronte Creek’s maple syrup event. This local event begins on the first Saturday in March at Bronte Creek Provincial Park and is open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every weekend in March. This event includes a guided tour of the Maple Lane, how to tap maple trees, make maple syrup and delicious maple sugar. The festival is $16 per vehicle to access the park and small additional costs per event. Bronte Creek Provincial Park is less than a 20-minute drive from our 205 Hunter Street Apartments.

    Get your fill of delicious, golden maple syrup at the Westfield Heritage Village Maple Syrup Festival this March. Bring the whole gang down to this family-friendly event only minutes from our Hamilton communities.

  • Free things to do on Guelph's campus

    Feb 22, 2015

    There are a number of free events that take place on the University of Guelph’s campus every month for both existing students and the general community, so Timbercreek Communities has pulled together a few interesting upcoming events to check out. Timbercreek’s Guelph communities are within walking distance to the University of Guelph.

    Job Fairs

    The University of Guelph puts on a number of helpful and informative job fairs and sessions throughout the year. These are great for both students and local employers looking for interns, co-op students and future employees. On March 5th the Recruit Guelph Job Fair is taking place. This fair is a fantastic opportunity to meet employers who are looking to hire for summer, part-time and full-time positions. Students from all programs are welcome to attend. Remember to bring multiple copies of your resume.

    Concerts and Musical Events

    TC Guelph Free

    Guelph is well known throughout the country for its fantastic music program. On March 13th the university will be putting on a free 50-minute concert featuring a classical string quartet. Everyone is welcome including members of the community. Other upcoming musical events include:

    • March 19th- Yoko Hirota- Voce Boreales II
    • March 22nd- University of Guelph CME
    • March 26th- Student Soloists Day
    • March 28th- University of Guelph Choirs

    Distinguished Guest Lectures

    There are always distinguished speakers and guest lecturers giving various talks, workshops and learning sessions. On March 27th Dr. Ann Chambers will be giving a Distinguished Guest Lecture on Cancer Biology. This lecture is open to both students and the general community.

    Community Workshops

    Occasionally the University of Guelph offers a series of courses for both students and the general public for a small nominal fee. On April 15th the Gardening Fundamentals WorkshopGardening Fundamentals Workshop begins. This course covers the basic information and background on how to garden, with tips and tricks not normally found in gardening books. This course will be conducted at the University’s Arboretum, only a ten-minute walk from Timbercreek’s 27 Vanier Drive Community.

    In addition to the events and activities mentioned in this article, be sure to like and follow the University of Guelph’s Facebook Page for more information about upcoming special events.

  • Our favourite apartment projects on Pinterest

    Feb 19, 2015

    Get your DIY on with the following easy apartment storage projects found on Pinterest. Any of the following projects would look fantastic in Timbercreek Communities’ Cambridge apartments and are great damage-free projects.

    DIY Magnetic Makeup HolderTC Cambridge Pinterest

    This DIY Magnetic Makeup Holder by Nicole Sometimes Thinks is a fabulous storage option for people with lots of makeup and skincare clutter. This popular Pinterest post involves magnetizing your makeup so that it is organized on a board, instead of all over your bedroom or bathroom. For this tutorial you will need a sheet of metal in the size of your choice, a backless frame and adhesive magnetic strips. Michaels Craft Store is a 20-minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s 204 Hespeler Road community and is a great place to pick up all of your craft supplies for this and the following projects.

    Mason Jar Organization

    Another popular storage pick from Pinterest is this Mason Jar Organizer from The DIY Playbook. This extra storage is perfect to hold all of your Q-tips, cotton balls, bathroom essentials and any other miscellaneous items. For this tutorial you will need mason jars, hose clamps, wood, wood stain, a drill, screws and a picture hanging kit. This storage solution can be created in less than 30 minutes and for under $20.

    Jewelry Storage

    Display your jewelry proudly while de-cluttering your collection at the same time with this Jewelry Storage project by House on the Way. This tutorial uses decorative towel racks and S hooks to create a stunning store-like display. Hang necklaces and bracelets from the rack with shower curtain S hooks that can be found at any department store.

    Shoe Box Charging Station

    There is nothing more annoying than a mess of tangled electronic cords and chargers. De-clutter all of that with this Shoe Box Charging Station courtesy of Everyday Family. This project helps to organize the messy coils of cords from computers, monitors, printers, speakers, mobile phones and more. On a safety note, only plug chargers in for the time of the charge in order to avoid overheating the box.

    Keep clutter at bay with a few of our favourite Pinterest DIY projects. Timbercreek’s Cambridge community is located in a family- friendly community that is close to all of life’s amenities including public transit, schools, shopping, entertainment and more

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