• Spring H.O.P.E. Food Drive 2014

    Apr 29, 2014

    Spring is upon us!

    Our Timbercreek Communities across Ontario have just completed another successful Spring H.O.P.E. (Housing Owners and People Everywhere) Food Drive, an annual event held by FRPO (Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario).  FRPO is the largest association in Ontario representing those who own and manage residential rental properties. Spring HOPE brings together residents, friends and neighbours in rental communities across Ontario to help raise awareness and collect food for local food banks.  Today, Spring HOPE is the largest door-to-door food drive in Canada.  The food drive reminds us that together we can help fill the shelves of food banks and truly make a difference.

    We would like to thank and congratulate our residents of Ontario for participating in this year’s Spring HOPE Food Drive.  With your help, we were able to collect an impressive number of food items plus monetary donations.  A special congratulation goes out to our 274-278 Cedar Avenue community in Richmond Hill for collecting the highest amount with over 250 food items.

    We can’t thank both our staff and residents enough for your efforts in making this possible.  Your combined efforts demonstrate how housing providers and residents can work together to make a difference in our community.   For more information on this initiative, please visit http://www.springhopefooddrive.ca/.

  • Get to know Dumfries Conservation Area in Cambridge

    Apr 24, 2014

    Timbercreek Communities’ Park Lane Towers (204 Hespeler Road in Cambridge) is close to plenty of local amenities such as shopping, restaurants and parks. However, the biggest advantage is its proximity to the Dumfries Conservation Area. For today’s post, our blog team will feature this special piece of land so residents of our Cambridge community can get to know it better.

    The Dumfries Conservation Area is a 75-hectare piece of land that offers outdoor recreation opportunities for nature lovers in the community. The land was initially bestowed to the Crown to be preserved for public use by Mr. P.R. Hilborn. The Grand River Conservation Authority assumed ownership of the land in 1970 after the Province of Ontario requested authorization from Mr. Hilborn to transfer the parcel.

    This park is by Hespeler Road, Dunbar Road and Coronation Boulevard in Cambridge. All it takes is a fifteen-minute walk from our Park Lane Towers (204 Hespeler Road) to get to the Dumfries Conservation Area.

    This park consists of plantation forests, mature forests, wetlands and trails, which are ideal for nature lovers. It is a great place to hike, bird watch, or simply escape the city. There is a small parking lot right off of Dunbar Road, which is open during the park’s open season from June to September. Be prepared for a rustic experience, as the park does not have washrooms or other facilities.

    The Dumfries Conservation Area is also home to the annual Dumfries Kite Festival, which takes place on the first weekend of June. Activities such as kite flying demonstrations and kite making workshops are available. This family friendly event is a great time to enjoy the park.

    Here at Timbercreek Communities, we hope you take advantage of this locally preserved natural setting. To learn more information about our Cambridge community, click here.

  • Greater Montreal summer sports leagues

    Apr 22, 2014

    The summer season will be here in no time, so get ready to get active. For today’s post, the Timbercreek team has put together some information about summer sports leagues in Greater Montreal for our residents to enjoy.

    The Club Montreal Sport & Social (1306 Rue Olier) is just six minutes away from our 345 rue De La Gauchetière Ouest community and is an excellent resource to learn more about sports leagues. If you know that you want to be in a league, but aren’t sure which sport you’re most interested in, this social club can help you pick out the right one. Options include soccer, flag football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, softball, basketball and so much more. Men’s and women’s leagues are available and teams meet on a variety of days throughout the week so you’ll be sure to find something that accommodates your schedule.

    For those who love soccer, the Soccer Plexe Catalogna (775, 1st Avenue, Lachine), which is just thirteen minutes away from our 2085 rue Guy community, might be the place for you. Specializing in soccer, this leading soccer complex features one indoor field and one outdoor field. Leagues include elite levels as well as over fifty teams. Not only do they host plenty of soccer leagues, they also offer lawn bowling, rugby, field hockey and other sports as well. Birthday parties and corporate events can also be held here.

    If you’d like to participate in sports but would rather not commit to joining a league, you’ve got options. The summer is perfect for trying out different types of sports like tennis. The Somerled Tennis Courts (4900 Avenue Hampton) are a fifteen-minute walk from our 5500 Borden Avenue community and accepts reservations. Here, you can play with a partner at a specified time or drop in without reservations at noted times.

    Swimming is also an excellent sport and you don’t have to leave home to do it. Our 4020 St-Jean community features an onsite swimming pool so you can swim some laps right outside your door.

    For more information about Timbercreek Communities’ Montreal apartments, click here.

  • Tips for living car-free in Halifax - transit, cycling, bike & car sharing

    Apr 17, 2014

    Halifax is one of the most accessible and transit-friendly cities in the country, so living car-free is made easy. Whether you are walking, taking public transportation or catching the ferry, Timbercreek’s Halifax apartments are some of the most accessible and convenient in the city.

    Public Transit

    Metro Transit offers Halifax residents safe, reliable and accessible transportation options. The service offers two main forms of public transportation in Halifax including transit buses and harbour ferries (discussed below).  There are over 315 buses in the fleet, operating on over 56 routes throughout the city. For added convenience, all Metro Transit buses currently provide real-time departure information to passengers through GoTime. Timbercreek’s 41 Cowie Hill Road apartments feature a convenient bus stop located a short walking distance away.

    Halifax is a very walkable place to live with a ‘Walk Score’ of 70. Walk Score is a fantastic resource that measures the walkability of an address or neighbourhood. Timbercreek’s Halifax apartments at 210 Willett Street are located within close walking distance of multiple parks, trails, shopping, schools, recreational facilities and more. Mary Clayton Park is right at your doorstep, less than a five-minute walk away from our 210 Willett Street apartments. Walking also provides a healthy dose of exercise that will benefit your waistline and wallet in the long run.

    Metro Transit also offers a convenient ferry service that operates two routes between terminals in downtown Halifax. One route connects downtown Halifax with Alderney Landing in Dartmouth and the other connects downtown Halifax with Woodside. There is integrated service offered between the buses and ferries so that reaching your final destination is a breeze. Each ferry can carry up to 400 passengers at a time, with the harbor ferries seeing a total of over 3,000 commuters daily. All routes are handicap accessible and have provisions to carry bicycles. The Dartmouth Ferry Terminal is a 10-minute drive or 30-minute bicycle ride from our 41 Cowie Hill Road apartments.

    Make the most of car-free living in Halifax with Timbercreek’s guide to car-free life in the city. These suggestions make it easy to get around and enjoy yourself while being eco-conscious and fuel-free.

  • 3 ways to be a great neighbour

    Apr 15, 2014

    It’s important to be a good neighbour in an apartment complex. Timbercreek has outlined three easy ways to ensure you are a great neighbor - including being considerate about noise, respecting communal spaces and using our Greater Montreal communities to get to know and interact with your fellow neighbours. Timbercreek offers a wide variety of rental apartments in some of the most dynamic areas of Greater Montreal including the Plateau District and downtown Montreal.

    Be Considerate About Noise
    When it comes to being considerate and respectful of noise levels, it’s important to be aware of both your noise levels when entering and exiting the apartment, as well as when you are inside the apartment. When entering and exiting, avoid excessive noise in stairwells and hallways (especially first thing in the morning or late at night). Also, be careful when closing the doors behind you and avoid slamming them shut. One of the most common complaints reported to managers is excessive noise through the apartment walls. Tips to limit noise include using soft footwear (instead of boots or high heels), utilizing a carpet to muffle down the noise of kids, turning down the volume of electronics during peak periods and practicing ‘quiet time’ rules with small children.

    Respect Common Areas
    Depending on the layout of your apartment building, there may be certain areas that are available to all residents. These can include laundry facilities, gym, lounge areas, swimming pools, hallways, etc. Below are some tips to consider when using common facilities:

    • Be sure to never leave trash outside your door. The smell you are trying to avoid in your own apartment can easily take over the communal hallway. Instead, make sure to take out your apartment’s trash promptly.
    • If you have a party in the social or common room, be sure to cleanup afterwards.
    • Keep the laundry room clean and organized. Throw away dryer sheets, clean up any detergent spills, and try to finish your laundry as quickly as possible.
    • Don’t leave personal items where they don’t belong.
    • Be sure to clean off any communal grills and/or picnic tables if your apartment complex features an outdoor BBQ space.

    Be friendly
    It’s going to sound corny, but by simply being pleasant, polite and flashing a smile now and then can make living in an apartment setting much easier and more enjoyable. It’s also a good idea to get to know the property management and employees of the building. Our Greater Montreal apartments always have professional management on site. The social spaces offered in many of our apartments, such as our 222 Rue Woodstock community, feature fully equipped fitness facilities, sauna, games room, library, swimming pool, billiard room, garden terrace and more. These social spaces make for a great place to get to know and interact with your fellow residents and neighbours.

    The above tips will help you and your fellow residents make the most out of apartment living. By simply being friendly, keeping the noise down and respecting common areas, apartment living is a breeze.

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