• Clever & Cheap Ways To Make Your Apartment Look Nice

    Sep 27, 2016

    Your home isn’t simply a place to sleep and store your things. Your home should reflect who you are and what you love. Timbercreek Communities understands that you want your home to look nice, but you may not want to spend a lot of money (or have a lot of time) to make your home, feel like home. To help, here a few clever and cheap ways to make your apartment look nice.

    Well Organized Mudroom

    You don’t actually need an entire room to devote to muddy shoes and hanging coats.  A wall by the doorway will do just fine. A well organized mudroom or wall is the perfect location in your home for muddy boots, hooks for your keys and coats, and a shelf for papers or mail that you need to organize. When the entrance way to your Timbercreek home is neat and organized, it sets the right tone for the whole space.

    Temporary Rustic Deck Tiles

    An easy way to refresh and add a touch of warmth and refinement to your balcony is with these temporary rustic deck tiles. These tiles are pre-stained and removable (so you can clean the floor underneath). They can even be cut to fit around corners or poles. These tiles are meant for outdoor use only and will help you transform the balcony at your Timbercreek home into a rustic deck for just $3.44 per square foot!

    Hexagon Mirror Wall

    You can arrange these two-toned hexagon wall mirrors any way you like. You can cluster them together to create a mirror wall, or get creative with your own design. They come in packages of 10 (5 pieces in 2 tones). The double sided tape to hang them is included.

    Wooden Blanket Ladder

    You can re-purpose an old ladder into a functional, organized, display and storage rack for your blankets (or towels). It looks great in the living room, by the bed for those cold winter nights when you need an extra blanket, or in the bathroom as a towel rack. You may want to stain the ladder (in a well ventilated area) to a shade that best suits your space.

    Gallery Wall

    A great way to personalize your apartment is to hang things on the walls. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on artwork to create and curate your own gallery wall. All you need are few inexpensive frames (or create your own frames using your choice of washi tape). What you choose to put in the frames is up to you! It can be photos, images from magazines, a colourful abstract painting you make yourself -- even old greeting cards or wrapping paper remnants can become a work of art!

    We hope you give some of these cheap tips and tricks a try. If you’re willing to put in just a small amount of time and money, you can make your apartment look nice and feel like home. For more information on Timbercreek Communities for rent across Canada, please visit our website.

  • 10 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Simpler

    Sep 26, 2016

    Moving into a new home or apartment this year? Plan a faster, easier move into your new space with these amazing moving tips from the apartment-living experts at Timbercreek Communities,

    Moving Tips

    1. Change Your Address

    This is an easy step number one. Two weeks before the big day, contact the postal service to change your address to your new location.

    2. Pack An Overnight Bag

    As you begin the time consuming job of packing up all the items you have accumulated, set aside your favourite everyday essentials. Put these items into a backpack so you know exactly where they are when you unload all your possessions into the new space. You’ll thank yourself later.

    3. Take A Pic

    Before you invest too much time into packing, stop and snap a picture of your most complicated electronics set up. This is an easy way to remember which cord goes where without taking up any precious brain space.

    4. Donate What You Don’t Need

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly stuff magically accumulates? Consider donating gently-used items you no longer use or want to a local charity. If you’re truly serious about making a change, check out Marie Kondo’s best selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This is a great how-to guide for life-changing decluttering. Some charities will even pick up your unwanted items from your home. Do your research to see what local charities near you accept physical donations.

    5. Next Level Labels

    It's always a good idea to label your moving boxes. Make your move as smooth as possible by adding a second line that indicates which room the box should be placed in. This will save time and hassle when it's time to unpack in your new space.

    6. Invest In Clear, Plastic Bins

    Labeling your boxes by room means they’ll probably end up in the right place-- fingers crossed. Even with excellent labels it can still be challenging to find the towels, bed sheets or eating utensils you need quickly after a move. Pack these items in clear plastic bins so you can spot them easier on moving day.

    7. Go Vertical

    For fragile items like plates, pack them vertically, just like old-fashioned records. They’re less likely to break this way.

    8. Vacuum-Seal Your Clothing

    Reduce volume by vacuum sealing clothing, particularly clothes that are out-of-season. After your move, these compact bags will be easy to store in the closet until the seasons change.

    9. Hire A Sitter

    If you are moving within the same city and have little ones and/or pets at home, simplify your life significantly by arranging a babysitter for moving day.

    10. Pack Up Before Help Arrives

    Friends and family can be amazingly helpful during a move. Be respectful of their time and energy by packing up all your possessions before their arrival. Your aunt and neighbor are probably not going to know where and how you want your possessions packed. Save their assistance for the actual moving of boxes and furniture.

    Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Timbercreek Communities wishes you good luck as you transition into a new home.

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  • Petiquette 101: Apartment Living with a Pet

    Sep 22, 2016

    After months of searching, you finally found an affordable pet-friendly apartment. But now what? Living in an apartment with a furry friend can be a bit of a learning curve for newbies. Do it right with these simple rules of petiquette from Timbercreek Communities.

    A healthy pet is a happy pet

    Ensure that your new pal is safe and healthy. Check with your veterinarian if your pet requires any of the most important vaccines (such as rabies). It is also wise to ask your veterinarian about parasite preventatives for your cat or dog if you live in an apartment building. Don’t worry -- these shots are remarkably affordable, and booster shots can be scheduled in advance by your veterinarian.

    Social and desensitize

    Socializing and desensitizing is training lingo for teaching your pet what constitutes good and bad behavior. The first step in this process is taking note of what your pet likes and dislikes. Next, expose your pet—slowly, and at a distance—to the object, person or behavior you want them to learn to love. With time and careful instruction, your pet will learn to be the friendly well-behaved little buddy you hoped for.

    Keep your neighbors in mind

    It’s hard to believe, but your snuggly dog or adorable cat could actually be your neighbour’s worst nightmare. There are many reasons why neighbours might resent your pet -- from allergies to fear. Keep the person next door in mind to guarantee a positive living situation for all. Keep your pet close to your side, and try to keep noise to a minimum as much as possible.

    Clean up counts

    An apartment is often a shared space. Cleaning up after your pet at home is always a good idea. Regularly vacuuming and dusting keeps your apartment odorless and hygienic. When out and about, making sure to always take doggy bags with you is key so you can pick up after your pet when nature calls.

    We hope you enjoyed Petiquette 101!

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    Timbercreek Communities apartment rentals, located in five provinces and over 27 cities in Canada, please visit our website today. 

  • Living With Roomies: Survival Guide

    Sep 21, 2016

    Roommates can be your new best friends or the bane of your existence. At one point or another, we all have to deal with them. Learn how you can avoid awkward confrontations and unfortunate situations in your apartment with our Living with Roomies: Survival Guide put together by the apartment experts at Timbercreek Communities.


    Look For Red Flags

    Searching for roomies isn’t easy, especially if you’re new to the city. As the hunt drags on, you may be tempted to jump into whatever setup you find first. Be sure to look for red flags before you make your choice. Meet your potential roommate(s) over coffee to get a feel for how you interact. Ask important questions, and trust your instincts. If you don’t like the person all that much after chatting, there’s a good chance you won’t get along when you’re sharing a living room.

    Put Everything In Writing

    When you become roommates with a stranger, it’s a good idea to put everything in writing with a roommate agreement. How you split the rent, which spaces are shared spaces and whether or not overnight guests are welcome are all details to put into writing to prevent arguments in the future.

    Talk About Money Before

    The big ‘M’ conversation should happen before anything and everything else. Everyone needs to agree, and then put into writing, the exact dollars and cents they’re responsible for. Pro tip? Decide in advance how each person is paying and who is responsible to deliver the payment to management every month.

    Declare Some House Rules

    House rules are a great idea. They’ll keep you sane and prevent you and your roomies from driving each other crazy. Grab some pizza, pull out a notepad and have each person declare their own boundaries and guidelines upfront. Get crafty and turn your rules into decor.

    Prepare To Compromise

    Even if you do everything by the book, no roommate situation is perfect. When something comes up, take a deep breath, relax and prepare to compromise to find a solution that works for everyone.

    Good luck as you get settled with your new roomies! For excellent apartments in Canada’s finest cities nationwide, check out Timbercreek Communities today. 

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Small Space Look Large

    Sep 20, 2016

    Almost everyone could use a little more space in their home. The problem is more space usually means more money. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to affordably make your space feel much larger than it really is. The Timbercreek Communities blog team is here to help you make the most of your living space with these 5 tips to make your small space look large.

    Hang curtains from the top of the wall

    Placing your curtains high above your window, just below the ceiling is a great way to create the illusion of larger windows and more space. Make sure to use the right size and length of curtain rod and curtains -- so that they don’t block any light when they are open and make the room feel smaller.

    1Opt for sofas and armchairs with raised legs

    Rather than bulky, heavy furniture that sits on the floor, opt for furniture pieces with legs that raise it off the floor. Think ‘floating’ shelves and bedside tables. This allows light to flow beneath and makes the room feel light, airy and more spacious.

    Go for fabrics and rugs in small prints or plain colours

    In smaller spaces, use small prints or plain colours for fabrics and rugs. This will visually expand the room by creating a single, unified effect. You’ll want to go for lighter colours as dark colours in a small space can make the room feel oppressive and heavy.

    Include mirrors in your space

    This is one of those tricks for making a room feel larger that has been passed down for generations. It really works. Well placed mirrors can make a room feel much larger than it is. Large mirrors can be expensive, but the same effect can be achieved by placing several smaller mirrors together. If you paint their frames the same colour, the look will feel organized, rather than cluttered.

    Make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items

    Clutter is the enemy of a small space. Hidden storage and multi-purpose furniture can be purchased or built to keep clutter at bay and make the most of limited space. Consider coffee tables, ottomans, headboards and more, as storage opportunities. You’ll have the clean, organized and airy feel that makes your space seem much larger and more livable.

    Don’t let a cluttered small space cramp your style. The blog team at Timbercreek Communities hopes this week’s post helps you make the most of your living space. For more information on Timbercreek Communities for rent across Canada, please visit our website.

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