• No-Sew Pillows & Window Treatments

    Oct 31, 2013

    Leave that sewing machine alone with these suggestions for no-sew pillowcases and window treatments from Timbercreek Communities. The following ideas are also DIY projects that with a little time and creativity can be easily completed on a tight budget. As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall these fun and simple DIY projects can be a great way to add a fresh update for the season. Timbercreek offers apartments in 27 cities throughout Canada, and today’s shopping tips are for residents of our Halifax communities.

    No-sew pillowcases
    For those with champagne taste on a beer budget, this next DIY project might just be for you. Create amazingly chic pillow covers without having to pick up the needle and thread. Using fabric glue (the tutorial specifically recommends ‘Unique Stich’), a pillow, one yard of your desired fabric, and scissors, you can easily transform beautiful textiles into vibrant throw pillows for every room in the home. There is no longer the need to spend lots of precious time and money on decorating your home with ‘Live Love DIY’s’ DIY no-sew pillow tutorial found here. Stop by Michaels arts and craft store for supplies, located only minutes away from our apartments at 76 Fairfax Drive.

    No-sew window treatments
    Trimmed Tablecloths
    Try using a beautiful embellished tablecloth as a unique curtain with character. Look for tablecloths that are square or rectangular and that have fun trimmings such as tassels, ruffles, or scalloped edges. For a vintage feel, try searching at local antique or thrift shops for interesting prints and embellishments. Once you have your desired tablecloth, cut it into two panels, hem the cut edges with iron-on seam tape and hang with drapery clips. Who knew looking that good could be so easy! For more information regarding this DIY by ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ please click here.

    Shawl Wrapped Windows
    Why not try dressing your smaller windows with large scarves or shawls as curtains? This is an affordable option that gives you plenty of room to play around, as there are so many different styles, shapes, and sizes of scarves that can be used.  Simply cut away any fringe from the shawl and hot-glue a decorative trim along the raw end (optional). After that, simply hang from clip rings and admire. This DIY is brought to you by ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and can be found here.

    Stenciled Curtains
    Dress up purchased panels or drop cloths with some paint and a fun stencil. Simply lay a panel out flat (with paper behind it to absorb any excess paint), place the stencil on the panel and use fabric paint or an acrylic paint with a textile medium to paint on the design. Fabricville is located only minutes away from our 41 Cowie Hill Road residences and has everything you could possibly need to construct your own stenciled curtains. For more inspiration check out ‘Our Fifth Home’s’ stenciled drapes tutorial found here.

    Spruce up any room and window in the house by following the above suggestions for no-sew pillows and window treatments. These are examples of simple and small changes that can have a big impact on the way your home looks without breaking the bank. Timbercreek offers a wide variety of rental properties in some of the most sought-after areas of Halifax including Bayer’s Lake and Clayton Park. For more information regarding these properties and other Timbercreek Community residences please click here.

  • Quick and Easy 5 Ingredient Lunches for Work

    Oct 29, 2013

    There is no need to spend money on an expensive lunch out when you can prepare the following five ingredient lunches in advance from the comfort of your own home. These recipes can be made ahead of time and some even have overlapping ingredients to reduce that long grocery list. Timbercreek Communities’ apartments in Guelph are conveniently located near all of life’s necessities such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, community centres, public transportation, and great shopping.

    Bacon Parmesan Penne
    5 ingredients needed:

    1.     Bacon
    2.     Onion
    3.     Penne pasta (or any other pasta will work)
    4.     Olive oil
    5.     Parmesan cheese

    Why not treat yourself by bringing a rich, creamy, and delicious pasta dish to work for lunch. There is no need to spend big bucks on an expensive lunch out with this savoury Bacon Parmesan Penne from ‘Yummly’. This dish can be prepared quickly, stores well, and is budget friendly.

    Caesar salad
    5 ingredients needed:

    1.     Infused olive oil
    2.     Egg
    3.     Lemon juice
    4.     Worcestershire sauce
    5.     Romaine Lettuce 
    6.     Salt and Pepper (these don’t really count as ingredients do they?) 


    This healthy Caesar Salad recipe by ‘The Home Channel’ takes only five minutes to make and is perfect for those who occasionally like to hit the snooze button. If you have any leftover bacon from the above Parmesan penne recipe, feel free to add it into this salad for some satisfying crunch and flavour. For the freshest ingredients for all of your lunches, head on over to Metro grocery store located only minutes away from our 27 Vanier Drive apartments.

    Caprese pasta salad
    5 ingredients needed:
    1.     Pasta
    2.     Cherry tomatoes
    3.     Fresh mozzarella cheese
    4.     Fresh basil
    5.     Balsamic vinaigrette (homemade or bottled) 

    Making a pasta salad is a great way to get all the healthy vegetables and nutrients you need while still getting a rich depth of flavour and fibre from the pasta. It basically combines the best of both worlds into one healthy satisfying lunch. In this Caprese Pasta Salad from ‘The Food Network,’ fresh traditional salad ingredients are combined with pasta and tangy balsamic vinaigrette for a new take on the caprese salad.

    Salami Panini
    5 ingredients needed:

    1.     Salami of your choice
    2.     Fontina cheese
    3.     Hot Tuscan peppers such as pepperoncini
    4.     Bread or rolls of your choice
    5.     Unsalted butter

    A delicious deli sandwich such as ‘My Recipes’ Salami Panini is a great way to literally spice up your everyday sandwich routine. This sandwich uses creamy Fontina cheese and hot Tuscan peppers to enhance and complement the flavours of the salami. No need for boring old ham and cheese with this bad boy.

    Antipasto leftover lunch
    5 ingredients needed (here is a sample of some possible ingredients):

    Salami or other deli meats
    Roasted red peppers or hot pepperoncini
    Fresh bread
    Mozzarella, bocconcini balls, or fresh Parmesan cheese
    Hummus or any other spread you like

    This is a ridiculously easy and delicious lunch to put together that even involves using some leftover ingredients from past meals. Putting together an antipasto plate is a great option for lunch because it is healthy, filling, easy to pack, and very easy to change up from day to day. You will never get bored with this fun lunch and snack option. Home Outfitters in Stone Road Mall is located only minutes away from our apartments at 40 Vanier Drive and has all the kitchen gadgets, storage, and containers you will need to make a fantastic lunch. For more antipasto platter inspiration check out ‘Keep Your Diet Real’ for their Antipasto Lunch ideas.

    Timbercreek’s Vanier Place apartments in Guelph offer state-of-the art facilities including a new media/social room and a fully equipped gym.  Whether you are a student at the University or a young professional looking for a great apartment in a fabulous location, Vanier Place might just be for you. For more information regarding Timbercreek Communities including our Guelph properties please click here.

  • Practical Kitchen Decorating: Cambridge

    Oct 24, 2013

    Kitchens are so much more than simply a place to cook and prepare food, but rather a gathering place for people to eat, drink, and be merry. Timbercreek has some great suggestions for ways to spruce up your kitchen while saving precious space. Our apartments in Cambridge provide the perfect gathering space for entertaining friends and family.

    1) Think outside the box (or in this case the cabinet)
    Why not show off your pots and pans with hanging storage? This is an easy way to free up cabinet space while still adding character and whimsy to your kitchen. This storage technique also makes it much easier to find the right pot for the right dish. In addition to your pots and pans, there are many creative ways of storing dishes and utensils on the wall, freeing up precious drawer space. The Cambridge Centre Mall located only 1 kilometer away from our 204 Hespeler Road apartments features stores such as Target, Sears, Stokes Kitchenware, and The Bay for all of your decorating and appliance needs.

     2) Let there be light
    An easy way to create the illusion of more kitchen space is with great lighting. A simple way to do this is with down lighters or under cabinet lighting that is both practical for when you are cooking and also makes the space appear brighter and larger. The best way to open up your kitchen space is with natural light, so let the light in with sheer curtains or a few well-placed mirrors.

    3) Sometimes less is more
    The best, cheapest, and easiest way to create space in your kitchen is to simply reduce your clutter and create open shelving. Ensure that you are thinking practically when it comes to accessorizing your kitchen so that the décor doesn’t interfere with your cooking space. With your clutter-free kitchen you will have the freedom to cook big delicious meals for your friends and family. FreshCO and Zehrs grocery stores are conveniently located within walking distance and have all the necessary ingredients you could possibly need.

    The kitchen you have always dreamed of is right around the corner with these tips for practical kitchen decorating. Timbercreek Communities has apartments in 27 cities throughout Canada.

  • Your Guide to Brampton Parks

    Oct 23, 2013

    Brampton’s parklands feature lush forests, impressive trails, and beautiful conservation areas that make you feel as though you are miles away from the city limits, when in reality you are smack in the middle of the city center. Whether you want to enjoy a scenic picnic, take the pooch for an off-leash walk, or simply go for a jog through beautifully maintained trails, Brampton’s many parks offer something special for everyone. Timbercreek Communities has compiled a list of Brampton parks located near our 25 Rambler Drive apartments for you to explore and enjoy.

    Peel Village Park
    Peel Village Park is basically a hop, skip, and a jump away from Rambler Towers, located here. This park is beautifully maintained with winding walking paths that lead to nearby tennis courts. Why not grab a good book, a blanket, and some snacks for a relaxing afternoon in the park?

    Kiwanis Memorial Park
    Kiwanis Memorial Park features picturesque Etobicoke Creek views, large dense forest areas, and even offers a special program where individuals can have a tree planted in memory of someone special. The program allows people to select an appropriate type of tree and planting site within the park to have the tree planted, and a commemorative bronze plaque mounted as a lasting memorial or reminder of an important event. For more information on the program please visit the Brampton Kiwanis website. This park is also a popular summer and fall wedding spot due to the scenic views and beautiful landscape.

    Gage Park
    Gage Park is Brampton’s oldest municipal park (originally opened in 1903), and is one of the most popular hot spots in downtown Brampton. The park features beautiful floral gardens, large dense forestland, a fountain, an enormous playground, and even a wading pool for a wonderful setting that everyone can enjoy. In the wintertime, the park’s circular paved path is converted into a public ice-skating rink for year round fun. Gage Park is also home to many weekly concerts, the Brampton Rotary Club’s annual Rib n’ Roll, the Classic Cars and Legendary Stars Weekend, and more! For more information about Gage Park please click here.

    With over 267 km of trails and more than 3,300 hectares of parks and open spaces, Brampton is the perfect location to get out in the open air and to discover nature. Timbercreek’s Brampton apartments are within walking distance to all major amenities including shopping, schools, community centers, public transportation, and as we’ve learned today, beautiful scenic parks. For more information regarding Timbercreek Communities, please click here.

  • Five places with classes for kids in Kitchener

    Oct 18, 2013

    With a party room, swimming pool, and lots of parks nearby, you will never be short on things to do with your family at our Kitchener apartments in Victoria Hills. If your kids are ready to throw learning into the mix, here are five places with classes for kids close to our Mooregate Apartments in Kitchener (50, 66 & 80 Mooregate Crescent). 

    1. Join your kids in a Judo family class at Asahi Judo Club (805 Victoria Street South).

    Asahi Judo Facebook Page) 

    2. For competitive and recreational dance classes catered to children of all ages, check out Let's Dance (330 Gage Street). 

    3. Take a music class or private lesson at The Beckett School (5 Michael Street). 

    4. Learn to swim at Forest Heights Pool (253 Fischer Hallman Road).

    5. Send your kids to A R Kaufman Public School (11 Chopin Drive) for traditional reading, writing and 'rithmetic between kindergarten and grade eight.

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