5 Fall Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Oct 25, 2016

Spring isn’t the only season for cleaning. Fall is a time of transition and is a great time to start fresh with a clean and organized space. If you plan to tackle a little fall cleaning in your apartment, you need these 5 fall cleaning hacks from Timbercreek Communities. These cleaning hacks won’t just help you clean your apartment, they’ll make your life easier too.


DIY deodorizing spray

Whether you have pets or you like to cook fragrant food, a good deodorizing spray is a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. Avoid commercial deodorizing sprays (and their long list of impossible-to-say chemicals) and go natural with this incredible Woodsy, Spicy Fall Room Spray. Bring a bit of the season indoors and instantly freshen any room with this DIY five-ingredient deodorizer.

Boot storage 101

Fall means boots are back. Keep your boots in good condition from day one with this great hack. An everyday pool noodle helps you store boots like a pro. Measure your boot, cut the noodle to match the height, and simply insert into the boot to keep your boots upright. 

Make the most of boxes and baskets

After you declutter, put what you want to save into baskets and boxes. Create a cute and revisable labelling system for your storage with this DIY project. These Easy Chalk Board Basket Labels are stylish and will help you stay organized all season long.

Say goodbye to pet hair

Sometimes the simplest hacks make the biggest difference. Keep pet hair off of your carpet and away from your clothes by brushing your pet’s fur outside your apartment.

Switch closets

If you need more room for your fall wardrobe, swap your summer clothing with your fall attire. Start by diligently cleaning your summer apparel. Then pack your tank tops, shorts and flip-flops into transparent storage containers so that you can easily find what you need come spring. Be sure to leave a little room in the container -- clothes need oxygen. Now that you’ve freed up some space in your closet, it’s time to stock it with those sweaters and scarves.

These fall cleaning hacks will help you organize your space and make life a little easier every day. Timbercreek Communities hopes today’s tips make your fall cleaning routine a little easier.

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