Top 5 Best Fall Hikes in Ottawa

Oct 13, 2016

Fall is hiking season in Ottawa. There’s no better time to experience the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors. Pack a picnic lunch, grab a water bottle and get ready to explore Ottawa starting with one of today’s top five top best fall hikes from Timbercreek Communities.

Stony Swamp

There’s nowhere as ecologically diverse as Stony Swamp in the Ottawa Valley. Classes as a Provincially Significant Wetland, there are over 700 species of plants that call this conservation land home -- over 50 of which are considered extremely rare for the region. Stony Swamp is also an excellent area for birdwatchers. Located less than 20 minutes southwest of Ottawa, the park has over 40 kilometres of hiking trails to explore.

Shirleys Bay

The TransCanada Trail is one of the best trails for hiking in Canada. While all 20,000 miles of pathway might be a bit ambitious for the fall, you can experience a sliver of the route at various points in and around Ottawa. One great spot is Shirleys Bay, located west of the city. Shirleys Bay is the largest marshland in the area, perfect for birdwatching or an easy hike through seven kilometres of trails.

Beaver Pond Trail

If you’re looking for a family-friendly day trip, the hiking trails at Algonquin Provincial Park have an excellent reputation. Beaver Pond Trail is a two kilometre route that is just difficult enough and certainly beautiful enough to warrant the two-hour drive from Ottawa. This time of year, expect an incredible array of fall foliage here.

Gatineau Park

One of the best spots for hiking and enjoying breathtaking views of fall foliage is just a 15-minute drive from Ottawa. Gatineau Park is the perfect spot for a weekend hike. You can also check out Fall Rhapsody while you’re in the area -- an annual autumn celebration that includes family activities and exhibits. 

Ottawa River Pathway

You never know when you might want to take a hike -- getting out of town isn’t always an option.Winding through downtown, the Ottawa River Pathway is a great trail to explore that’s located in the heart of the city. The trail is relatively easy to navigate thanks to clearly defined paths. Expect multiple scenic lookouts and picnic spots along the way.

Before winter catches you off guard, enjoy some time in the great outdoors. We hope you enjoy one of today’s Ottawa hiking trail suggestions from Timbercreek Communities. For more information about Ottawa’s Timbercreek Communities apartments, visit our website

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