Petiquette 101: Apartment Living with a Pet

Sep 22, 2016

After months of searching, you finally found an affordable pet-friendly apartment. But now what? Living in an apartment with a furry friend can be a bit of a learning curve for newbies. Do it right with these simple rules of petiquette from Timbercreek Communities.

A healthy pet is a happy pet

Ensure that your new pal is safe and healthy. Check with your veterinarian if your pet requires any of the most important vaccines (such as rabies). It is also wise to ask your veterinarian about parasite preventatives for your cat or dog if you live in an apartment building. Don’t worry -- these shots are remarkably affordable, and booster shots can be scheduled in advance by your veterinarian.

Social and desensitize

Socializing and desensitizing is training lingo for teaching your pet what constitutes good and bad behavior. The first step in this process is taking note of what your pet likes and dislikes. Next, expose your pet—slowly, and at a distance—to the object, person or behavior you want them to learn to love. With time and careful instruction, your pet will learn to be the friendly well-behaved little buddy you hoped for.

Keep your neighbors in mind

It’s hard to believe, but your snuggly dog or adorable cat could actually be your neighbour’s worst nightmare. There are many reasons why neighbours might resent your pet -- from allergies to fear. Keep the person next door in mind to guarantee a positive living situation for all. Keep your pet close to your side, and try to keep noise to a minimum as much as possible.

Clean up counts

An apartment is often a shared space. Cleaning up after your pet at home is always a good idea. Regularly vacuuming and dusting keeps your apartment odorless and hygienic. When out and about, making sure to always take doggy bags with you is key so you can pick up after your pet when nature calls.

We hope you enjoyed Petiquette 101!

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