The Art of Mastering the Grill

Jul 28, 2016

Grilling On The Long WeekendSummer long weekends are made for grilling.  Why not grill something more impressive than burgers and hot dogs this year? This Civic Holiday long weekend, take the opportunity to brush up on your grill skills. The Timbercreek Communities blog team has a few helpful suggestions for taking your grilling to the next level.

Grilled Tofu with Chimichurri

If this is your first time grilling tofu or making chimichurri, don’t worry -- this recipe makes it easy. The sauce is a mixture of toasted cumin seeds blended with oregano, parsley, cilantro and olive oil. It adds a ton of flavour to any dish! This is one vegetarian dish that everyone will love. If you have any chimichurri left over, it also pairs well with steak.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Sriracha Slaw

It seems like Sriracha is everywhere these days! Why wouldn’t it be -- it tastes amazing! This spicy slaw takes these smoky grilled shrimp tacos to another level.

Peruvian Chicken

The strong influence of Japanese and Chinese communities in Peru comes through in the flavour of this Peruvian chicken dish. Soy sauce, garlic and lime juice are used in the marinade and create a chicken dish with a zesty, savoury flavour. This is one recipe you’ll make again and again!

Peppered Beef Tenderloin

Grilled beef --  for serious grillers, this is what it is all about. This peppered beef tenderloin is a decidedly gourmet take on plain old steak. This recipe will make you feel like a grill master, and put smiles on the faces of your friends and family.

Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and delicious Civic Holiday long weekend. Timbercreek Communities hopes this post inspires you to try something a little different on the grill this year. You can find the gourmet ingredients you need for these great recipes at David’s Gourmet (10 Wyman Road, Waterloo) just an 8 minute drive from Richmond Square Apartments (300 Regina Road).

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