Clean out your closet in Lower Sackville

May 13, 2016

Get into the spring cleaning spirit this month at your apartment in Lower Sackville. Once your appliances have been scrubbed and your floors have been vacuumed, it’s time to tackle closet clutter and make room for your summer essentials. Today’s blog post from Timbercreek Communities will help you get started with your bedroom closet.

Clothing clearout

Begin by removing all the clothing from your closet, then only put back items that fit TC Sackville Closetwell and that you’ve worn in the last year. You’ll be surprised at how many items you can’t actually remember wearing. Throw away any pieces that are stained or ripped, and throw the rest in the washing machine to get them ready to donate. This step is especially easy for residents of Quinella Condos (38 Quinella Court) and Touchstone Court (30 Touchstone Court), as each suite comes equipped with a washer and dryer.

Swap your clothes

Get more for your hand-me-downs at a clothing swap, where friends come together to trade clothes that they no longer wear. You can plan your own using these tips from Real Simple or reach out to the neighbourhood for a larger swap. Get inspired by this 2015 clothing swap that took place at the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre (1545 Beaver Bank Road).

Do some good

Give your clothes some new life by donating them to an organization that will use them for good. The BFM Thrift Store (31 Temple Terrace) and Salvation Army Thrift Store (463 Sackville Drive) both accept donations almost every day at their Lower Sackville Locations. If you’d prefer to donate your clothes to an organization that will pass them on directly, head into Halifax and drop by the Clothing Bank at the Brunswick Street Mission (2107 Brunswick Street).

Clearing out space in your closet is an easy way to speed up your mornings and make your entire apartment in Lower Sackville feel more organized.

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