How to keep cool in your apartment this summer

Jun 12, 2014

Now that summer’s finally here and temperatures are rising, try the following tips to make sure you stay cool and comfortable this summer. Timbercreek’s Richmond Hill apartments are situated in a family-friendly neighbourhood that features on-site laundry facilities, controlled access to the building, plenty of convenient parking and much more. Our Richmond Hill community is also close to public transportation, great schools, entertainment, dining and shopping options.

If you are looking for a great and inexpensive option to beat the heat (besides using an air conditioner), the fan might just be your perfect option. This one appliance can make a room feel at least six or seven degrees cooler, and is not a heavy burden on your wallet. A good portable fan can be just as effective as a ceiling fan, and you can pick one up at Home Depot which is less than a ten-minute drive from Timbercreek’s Richmond Hill community at 274 Cedar Avenue.

Shades and Blinds
In the summer months try installing white or light coloured window shades, drapes or blinds to reflect heat away from your apartment. Close blinds, shades and drapes that are facing the sun (east-facing windows in the morning and west-facing windows in the afternoon) to keep the sun’s heat out of your home. While accessories like fans and air conditioners can help keep your home cool, remember that the best way to keep a moderate temperature in your home is to keep the heat out. Blinds to Go is less than a 15-minute transit ride from our 278 Cedar Avenue apartments and is a great place to pick out summer friendly blinds that can help beat the heat.

Internal Heat
Did you know that there are many common sources of heat that come from within your own home? The most common sources of internal heat are appliances, electronic devices and of course lighting. Some simple tips to reduce internal heat include:

  • Turn off any incandescent lights and heat-generating appliances when not in use
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents which use less energy and produce the same light
  • Try to limit heat-generating activities on extremely hot days such as cooking on the stove
  • Don’t put lamps, televisions or other heat-generating appliances next to an air-conditioner thermostat as they will cause the air conditioner to run longer

Remember that as the heat rises, so does your energy use, especially if you are using an air conditioner. Use these tips to keep cool while saving your budget and the planet!

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