Stylish Shelves: organize your books with an eye for design

Mar 18, 2014

Avoid the curse of the cluttered and disorganized bookshelf in your Mississauga apartment with the following tips and tricks for a well-styled bookcase from Timbercreek Communities. These suggestions are easy, effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Just Use Books
While bookshelves were designed specifically for books, adding a mixture of books, accessories, collectables, and photos, can create a more visually pleasing and interesting piece for any room in the home. A bookshelf is a great way to display a ‘gallery’ of some of your prized possessions while creating an interesting focal point for the space. Home Outfitters is located less than a four-minute drive away from our Mississauga community at 30 Central Parkway West, and has a great selection of unique and eclectic accessories perfect to display on your bookshelf.

Create a Theme
One of the best ways to keep bookcases looking as chic and well organized as possible it to work with items in the same colour palette or aesthetic. A mixture of books, framed pictures, art, and other accessories in the same colour palette or theme can really center and pull a room together.

Go for Colour
If you are attracted to bold and bright colours, your bookshelf is the perfect place to add that pop of colour. Adding colourful accessories such as bookends, frames, and other knick-knacks, can really brighten and accentuate not only your bookshelf, but also the room it’s in. You can try organizing your books by their colour for an interesting and unexpected design twist. It’s recommended that you organize your books first by category, and then by colour. Chapters is less than a five-minute drive from Timbercreek’s Mississauga property at 1867 Bloor Street West, and has a great selection of books to fill your shelves.

Contain Clutter
It’s easy for bookshelves to become cluttered and disorganized. Avoid a messy bookcase by doing your best to contain clutter, especially when the shelf is in plain view. To keep things organized, try adding baskets, bins, and boxes to the shelf. Store items by their category, such as electronics, office supplies, and more.

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