Back to School Shopping Tips

Aug 29, 2013

With kids heading back to school in just a few short days (parents rejoice!), Timbercreek Communities has some back to school shopping tips to make the trip easier and more budget friendly for the whole family. Timbercreek’s Toronto apartments are located in some of the most bustling areas of the city, perfect for all of your back to school shopping needs (and maybe a few wants too).

Tip # 1) Shop at home first
Before heading out to the shops for new back to school items, make sure you double-check your home for automatic savings. Scan your bedrooms, kitchen, office, garage, and the rest of the house for miscellaneous supplies your kids can use. For clothing, figure out what still fits and is in good condition. Take inventory and compare to your shopping list.

Tip # 2) Prepare a list and budget
Before preparing your budget, make a list of items separating the needs from wants. Shop for necessities first before moving on to (a couple) wants. Once you have developed the list, look at your finances and determine the maximum amount you can spend and how you’ll spend it (queue the list).

Tip # 3) Shop online
Avoid the crowds and shop from the comfort of your own home with online deals. Look for online back to school specials with sites like Canadian Daily Deals and Hot Canada Deals. Keep an eye out for retailers who offer free shipping for extra savings, as well as searching online for free coupons and promotional codes.

Tip # 4) Check out the end of summer sales (if you dare)
Look out for end of summer sales at all your favourite retailers. For the heaviest savings, check out big box retailers such as Old Navy, Gap, Target, and Walmart for great deals both in store and online. For extra savings stock up on summer clearance items (such as tank tops and t-shirts), which can still be easily transitioned into fall outfits. Why not check out Fairview Mall mall for your back to school deals located only minutes away from Parkway Forest Towers at 100 & 110 Parkway Forest Drive.

Tip # 5) Get social
Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get exclusive deals for those retailers you “follow” or “like”. Be the first to know about special offers, and listen up for back to school discount codes and coupons. Get social with us by following Timbercreek Communities on twitter.

Tip # 6) Try to relax
Getting the kids back to school can be a stressful time, but with the use of our tips you’ll be able to keep both your family and finances happy.

The back to school season may be quickly creeping up on us but thanks to these back to school shopping tips you will be ready for action. Timbercreek Communities’ Parkway Forest Towers in Toronto are the perfect family friendly location, close to schools, parks, and of course shopping. For more information on Timbercreek Communities, please click here.

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