Mixing and Matching Summer Patterns

Jul 02, 2013

Trends from last year’s fashion runways, including the mixing and matching of contrasting patterns have worked their way into interior design this season. This summer, consider giving your Timbercreek Communities Whitby apartment a whole new look by incorporating various patterns into your space. Don’t fret about clashing or doing this trend ‘wrong’. Instead, follow these easy tips and tricks to bring multiple patterns into your apartment.

Tip # 1
Work with odd numbers when mixing and matching patterns. For a bedroom, a good rule of thumb is to use three patterns for the space. For a larger room such as a living or dining room there’s more flexibility to play with additional patterns.  Keep in mind that anything more than seven patterns is more likely to induce a headache than admiration from guests.

Tip # 2
Build the room’s design with one central pattern as its foundation. This can be a bold statement piece with a number of colours. Make sure to pick colours and tones that can be easily adapted into the room of choice.  The second pattern can be selected by looking for a complementary pattern at least half the size of the first pattern selected. Work with a palette that has similar tones to the colours of your first piece.  Use the same rule of thumb with the third piece for sizing, and choose a pattern that is approximately half the size of the second pattern selected. However, for a real pop of colour this piece can use a contrasting colour.

Tip # 3
When combining patterns, don’t be afraid to play with unexpected combinations. A few excellent combinations include:

·         Chevron, floral and geometric
·         Polka dot, stripes and florals
·         Paisley, graphic and plaid (yes, plaid!)

Tip # 4
It’s the colour palette that can really bring together patterns that clashed at first glance. For example, don’t attempt to mix jewel tones with pastels. Instead, work with colours that have the same intensity and tone. Big patterns can be balanced by playing with different textures or even graphics.   

Tip # 5
For those that feel overwhelmed, you can always adapt the trend to a more neutral look. Big patterns especially pop against a base of white. Break out white summer linens and add new patterned pillow cases or throw pillows. Stay neutral by incorporating patterns of off-white and shades of grey instead of using multiple colours.

 Local Shopping Options

Bed Bath & Beyond (1751 Victoria Street East)
There are lots of patterns to be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. This store also takes the guess work out of mixing and matching patterns. This is a good spot to find complementary patterns and décor packages from affordable brands and designers.

Urban Barn (Unit B1-340 Taunton Road East)
This store is decked out with patterned accessories that let would-be designers really get on board with this mixing trend. Shoppers can use the online room planner to create an online version of their design vision. This creates a shopping list to ensure that users find each piece they’re looking for.

Whitby Decorating Centre (605 Brock Street North, Unit 11)
Want to skip the big box store? Then head to Whitby Decorating Centre for inspiration and design accents. During one week each month the store gives away 10 ‘Decorating Dollars’ for every $100 spent in store.

For more inspiration, check out the Cityline segment, Easy Ways to Mix Patterns in Your Décor.

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