Where to find hot drinks on cold days in Montreal

Nov 18, 2015

How do you beat the cold? When the temperatures start to dip in Montreal, there is nothing better than a warm and delicious drink. For today’s post, the Timbercreek Communities blog team is committed to helping you find the perfect beverage for a cold day at a local shop near Tour d’Auteuil Apartments (2150 de Maisonneuve Ouest).

Café Myriade

Escape the cold with a cup of high-quality coffee from Café Myriade (1432 Rue Mackay). This neighbourhood coffee shop is quaint and cozy, the peTC Maisonneuve HotDrinksrfect place to warm up this winter. To get here, walk just 10 minutes from Tour d’Auteuil Apartments.

4U Tea House

4U Tea House (1818 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest) has a relaxed ambience that makes it a good place for reading a book or catching up with a close friend. In addition to excellent tea, the shop also sells a variety of bite-sized treats and desserts. Tour d’Auteuil Apartments is a seven-minute walk from this teahouse.

Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur

Beans are roasted on-site at Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur (3632 Rue Notre Dame Ouest), making this trendy nearby shop a top choice for true coffee connoisseurs. The café is small with only a few tables and church pews for seating, but your beverage is sure to warm you up no matter the temperature outside. To experience the café for yourself, plan on a 20-minute walk or 10-minute bike ride from Tour d’Auteuil Apartments.

Kafein Café-Bar

Kafein Café-Bar (1429 Rue Bishop), a 10-minute walk from Tour d’Auteuil Apartments, is a fun choice for a cold day in part because of its downstairs seating. This lounge area offers comfortable couches for reading, chatting or just simply warming up after being outdoors.

For a warm drink on a cold day, start at one of today’s featured neighbourhood cafes, compiled by the Timbercreek Communities blog team. For more information about Tour d’Auteuil Apartments, visit our website.

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