Apr 21st, 2020

The cutest Easter pet outfits in the world

Most dog lovers know that holidays offer a great excuse to dress up...your pet. If you and your dog love to put on the ritz together, why not do it this Easter? To inspire your wardrobe choices, here are the cutest Easter pet outfits in the world. 

Show Me the Bunny Dog Hoodie 

If you're a fan of Jerry McGuire and Easter, this one's for you. Your pooch will look too cute in this Show Me The Bunny hoodie that comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Belle of the ball

If your puppy, or small dog, loves to be the belle of the ball, make their dreams come true with this colourful Easter dog dress! Its delicate rainbow tutu will really bring out his or her eyes.

Easter Bunny costume 

If you want to go all out this Easter, you'll love this Easter Bunny costume for your dog! This adorable outfit will definitely take your Easter Egg hunt to new heights.

Easter Bunny ears

Your dog's ears are pretty darn cute on their own, but these Easter Bunny Ears for pets take things to a whole new level. If your dog hates dressing up, these ears are a more comfortable alternative as they're attached by a lightweight headband. 

Dog bandana

Another pet-friendly alternative to a full-blown outfit are dog bandanas. They're about as annoying as a leash, so your dog won't mind wearing them too much or at all. This Easter one is absolutely hilarious, and this one is just too cute.

Straw hat

If your dog is a hat lover, or you just love your dog in hats (who can tell?), this spring-inspired straw hat is almost too cute. Its wide brim and ribbon details really make one think of the warmer days ahead.

Timbercreek hopes that these outfit suggestions help you and your fur baby enjoy Easter in style this year!

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