How to get pet odours out of your furniture and apartment

Mar 12, 2020

Are you a proud pet owner? We adore pets! They make life so much more fun and their unconditional love is truly remarkable. But let's be real -- not everything about pet ownership is a bed of roses. Pet odour, for example, is rather unpleasant. If you dislike the smell of your pet-filled apartment, there's hope! Here are some pro tips for getting pesky pet odours out of your home.


Wash your pet's bed

Does your pet curl up somewhere cozy in your home? Whether that's a pet bed or a select area of your couch, you're going to want to clean that area as thoroughly as possible. It's likely the most concentrated source of the bad pet odours you're enduring. If the area or bed has a removable fabric cover, take it off and wash it. Try to do this once a week or so for optimal freshness.

Sweep and mop your hardwood or laminate floors

Your pet leaves a lot of unwanted hair, dirt and dander behind. A lot of that winds up on your flooring. If you have hardwood or laminate, it's key to mop and sweep your floors on the regular. This will be key in your efforts to keep your home smelling clean. We recommend sweeping or swiffering first, mopping second. Be sure to use a non-toxic cleaning solution when you mop to protect your furry friend. Even diluted dish soap works!


If you have rugs or carpeting in your home, vacuuming often is key. Dander and pet hair get trapped in the fibers of your carpets and rugs. They also live on your furniture, so be sure to vacuum your couch etc. as well. If your pet can't handle vacuuming, put them in a bedroom and shut the door while you get to work.

Try an air filter

It never hurts to have a good air filter when you have pets. It can suck up some of the hair and dander your pet leaves behind. Be careful to regularly change the filters and run it at all times for maximum efficiency. 

Try an enzyme cleaner 

If you have a cat, you probably already know how potent the smell of cat urine can be. If you can't get rid of urine smell, it might be time to try an enzyme cleaner. Clean the area with vinegar and then apply the enzyme cleaner to the area and let it sit for hours to dry. Put an upside down bowl or a laundry basket over the area while it sits to keep your cat away.

Keep your litter box clean

It's critical to clean your litter box regularly to stay on top of odours. A good trick is to add baking soda to help absorb the smell. 

Wash pillow and cushion covers

If you have removable fabric furniture covers, wash them often. A lot of dander and pet hair winds up on your furniture so it's important to keep it as clean as you can.

Open up

When it's not 10 below zero outside (ie. spring, summer and fall), opening up your windows and doors can make a big difference. Let in some fresh air to air out your less-than-fresh apartment. 

We hope you try these great methods for keeping your home pet-odour free! Timbercreek hopes that these tips help you enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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