Pet-friendly Things To Do This Winter

Feb 27, 2019

Have you been getting outside this winter? Just because winter can be cold doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to enjoy it -- especially with your pet by your side. Timbercreek Communities has some suggestions for pet-friendly things to do this winter.


Dog-Friendly Cafes

Dog-friendly cafes are great places to enjoy a treat with your furry friend. While you sip on your latte, your dog can enjoy some dog treats and water too. Some cafes allow pets inside, while others have a special hang out area for your pooch -- so you can keep a close eye on them while you’re inside.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
Another way to spend quality time with your dogs is to bring them along when you’re cross country skiing or snowshoeing. The Toronto Island is the perfect place for these activities. You can explore all the trails in snowshoes with your dog by your side, and they will love it. Just make sure your pup is dressed for the cold and has the stamina to run through snow, as this can be pretty demanding for any dog. If you don’t have your own equipment, look into renting from Mountain Equipment Coop -- the island doesn’t offer rentals. If you prefer cross-country skiing, try something called Skijoring, which is a Norweigen form of skiing and dogsledding combined. Both you and your dog will need a harness and a rope (or a sturdy leash) to attach you to each other. As you cross country ski along the trails, your dog will pull you at the same time. While smaller dogs can handle it, it’s an activity that's better suited to larger dogs. Whichever activity you choose, make sure your dog is well trained, healthy and ready for your winter adventure.

Visit A Conservatory or Museum

If you’re planning on visiting a conservatory or museum, you can bring your dogs along. A place like Allan Gardens doesn’t allow them inside, but there is a designated dog area outside. So while you explore the botanical garden, your pooch can run around and play off-leash in the fenced park. Sheriden Nursuries Garden is another option where your pets are welcome to join you in the garden. If you’re interested in finding out about more dog-friendly activities like this, check out Bring Fido.

Resort and Lodging

It’s not always easy finding pet-friendly accommodations. Check out Deerhurst Resort, which allows pets for a small fee, and enjoy winter activities with your dog or on your own. Another great area to explore with your dog is Algonquin Park. At Killarney Lodge, you can enjoy designated cabins with your canine friends. Plus, there’s so much to do – you can hike, ski or just take it easy with your dog. Check out The Adventure Lodge for similar activities, plus horseback riding through the woods.

There’s nothing like spending quality time with your pets. Timbercreek hopes these suggestions help you enjoy the rest of winter with your furry friend(s).
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