Comfy but stylish winter fashion staples we love

Feb 07, 2019

Say what you will about Canadian winters, they come with pretty amazing winter fashion! Timbercreek Communities wants to help you look great and stay warm with these comfy but stylish winter fashion staples we love.          


Bomber Jackets

The warm and rugged look of a classic Bomber Jacket is timeless. These short, waist-length coats feature a fitted waist, zippered front, and often a fleece or pile collar. They can be designed with or without hoods and come in styles for both men and women. These cool and classic coats pair perfectly with t-shirts, sweaters, or collared shirts and look great with jeans or chinos. If you choose to make a statement with your bomber, go for a bold colour, then tone it down with neutral color pieces to complete your chic winter look.

Cozy Knit Sweaters

There may be nothing more cozy and satisfying than layering up for a chilly winter day with a cozy knit sweater. They’re warm, they’re roomy, and wearing one is almost like giving yourself a big warm hug all day long. Whether you choose a pullover or cozy cardigan, the right knit sweater makes winter worth it! No matter what style you choose, this is the time of year to hunt for the sweater of your dreams.

Oversized Scarves

Big Oversized Scarves are your best winter accessory. Choose bold, colourful patterns that will brighten your mood on dreary days, or go for more subtle and subdued solids that will compliment your coat. Wrap yourself in warmth this winter.

Chic Wool Capes

Capes aren’t just for superheroes and magicians. A Chic Wool Cape will make you feel protected this winter, without sacrificing style. A good cape will keep you warm, cozy and dry. What could be more perfect?

Trendy Parkas

Simply put, Parkas are perfect. They’re long, warm and ready for anything winter can throw at you. We wouldn’t want to have a snowball fight or take a long winter walk in anything else.

The Timbercreek blog team hopes you love these comfy and stylish winter fashion staples as much as we do. Bring it on, winter!

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