The best apps for dog parents

Sep 25, 2018

Becoming a proud parent to a pooch is a rewarding but relentless task. You can't stay on top of everything and you can’t be there every second, but there are tools available today that are the next best thing. Timbercreek Communities wants to share the best apps for dog parents.

Pet Owner on phone beside dog

Pet Monitor

Pet Monitor is an app that transforms your Apple iOS devices into a two-way audio/video pet monitor. It will help soothe separation anxiety - on both sides. One device runs the app and your second device serves as the monitor. Check in on your pal anytime, get noise and motion alerts and record all the cute stuff they do when you’re not there. A single purchase of the app can be installed on up to 5 devices.


Feeding your pet the perfect proportions of food,at the right time, is only a click away with the Petnet app and their SmartFeeder. You'll receive alerts about successful feedings, low food warnings, and even SmartDelivery food shipments. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Pet First Aid

The American Cross Pet First Aid app can turn any iPhone or Android user into a pet care pro. Get instant access to essential information from experts on emergency treatment and how to maintain your pet’s health. Users can obtain step-by-step instructions from videos and images. Learn how to treat wounds, control bleeding, handle cardiac emergencies, address breathing issues, burns, falls and much more. Learn about early warning signs for serious health issues, and get contact information for veterinarians and local animal hospitals and pet-friendly hotels.

Pet Coach

PetCoach is your go-to source for free veterinary advice. You can ask a vet anything, anywhere, anytime, and get a free answer. They'll help you tackle everything from calming your doubts and fears, to learning how to potty train your pup, prevent fleas or anything else you can think of. The app is available for Android or iPhone.


Are you positive your pooch could become the next internet sensation, if only you could snap the right photo? BarkCam, by Bark & Co, provides the tools to take your pup’s pics to the next level with doggy photo filters, stickers and much more. It will make photos of your canine shine!

Timbercreek hopes these apps help you become the best pooch-parent you can be!

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