Why Every Student Should Ride a Bike to School!

Aug 18, 2016

Need a reason to start biking? Today’s post offers a quick and easy overview of why every student should ride a bike from Timbercreek Communities apartments to school.

Biking to School

Quick Exercise

Biking is a proven way to build muscle and strengthen your heart. You can burn hundreds of calories while biking, and potentially not even realize it. If you’re focused on the road and enjoying the great outdoors, time will quickly pass as you improve your stamina and tone your legs commuting the short distance from your Timbercreek Communities apartment to the classroom.

Reduce Personal Carbon Footprint

With somewhere in the ballpark of 18 million vehicles currently crowding Canada’s roads, all of which release their fair share of harmful greenhouse gases into our environment, choosing to ride a bike to school can be your way of taking a stand against climate change and reducing your own carbon footprint.

Save Money on Transit

Biking is affordable. If you opt for a refurbished bike from a local repair shop, a reliable set of wheels will cost you little. Compared to the cost of maintaining a car, plus that expensive student parking pass, biking can help you save valuable dollars during your time at university.

Feel Healthy

If nothing else convinces you to bike, this may do the trick -- biking can reduce stress and fatigue. As a college student, you often find yourself weighed down by countless commitments and an endless pile of assignments. Cut out the unnecessary worries with a quiet bike ride, proven to help you feel better and give you a boost of energy for your school week.

Timbercreek Communities is giving you the facts that you need to consider biking to and from class this school year. Before you hit the road, remember to research your local bicycle rules online and to invest in a sturdy lock to keep your bike safe.

For more information about Timbercreek Communities apartments, many of which are located within a short bike ride of local universities, visit our website

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