Make the most of our fitness facilities with these workout apps

May 25, 2015

Looking to lose weight, tone up or simply keep healthy and happy? Try the following fitness apps that will help you on your fitness journey. Timbercreek Communities Townhomes on Walkey and Cedarwood offer stunning in-suite and building amenities including a newly renovated gym and indoor swimming pool at the on-site recreation centre.

Carrot Fit

Sometimes tough love is the only way to get motivated. Carrot Fit uses a snarky TC Ottawa Appsfemale-voiced artificial intelligence who will cheer you on when you're losing weight or hitting your fitness goals and berate you when you pack on the pounds. Users simply enter their weight manually and then watch the app track it on a graph along with their body mass index (BMI). Carrot Fit is currently only available for iOS and is now available with i0S 8’s new HealthKit framework.


Pact asks users to put their money where their mouth is with a financial incentive in order to get and stay fit. Users of this application pledge a set number of days they plant to work out that week, along with an amount of money they must put up. Users must pay for each day they miss, but get paid every time they complete their weekly goal. This app features the option to connect with other tracking applications and to use a nutritional option that is now available. Pact is available free for iOS and Android.

Hot5 Fitness

Hot5 Fitness app offers high quality step-by-step workouts led by the top trainers in the industry. These workouts include cardio, abs, strength-training, flexibility and everything in between. There are pages of five-minute video workouts of every variety and difficulty level. It is incredibly simple to use with a beautifully designed interface. No WiFi is needed and the application is available for i0S and Android. Take the app with you to Timbercreek’s on-site fitness centre at the Townhomes on Walkley and Cedarwood in Ottawa.


Fitbit offers one of the most popular fitness devices and accompanying applications for people looking to improve their fitness level. If users have a Fitbit device, the app helps users to accurately track all-day activity including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes. This app can also help users set goals, view progress and even track their sleeping patterns. The Fitbit app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Future Shop is a 30-minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s Townhomes on Walkley and Cedarwood in Ottawa and is a great place to pick up a Fitbit for your fitness journey.

Keep your health in check this year with the following fitness apps that can be used while at the gym at Timbercreek’s Townhomes on Walkley and Cedarwood in Ottawa.

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