Free things to do on Guelph's campus

Feb 22, 2015

There are a number of free events that take place on the University of Guelph’s campus every month for both existing students and the general community, so Timbercreek Communities has pulled together a few interesting upcoming events to check out. Timbercreek’s Guelph communities are within walking distance to the University of Guelph.

Job Fairs

The University of Guelph puts on a number of helpful and informative job fairs and sessions throughout the year. These are great for both students and local employers looking for interns, co-op students and future employees. On March 5th the Recruit Guelph Job Fair is taking place. This fair is a fantastic opportunity to meet employers who are looking to hire for summer, part-time and full-time positions. Students from all programs are welcome to attend. Remember to bring multiple copies of your resume.

Concerts and Musical Events

TC Guelph Free

Guelph is well known throughout the country for its fantastic music program. On March 13th the university will be putting on a free 50-minute concert featuring a classical string quartet. Everyone is welcome including members of the community. Other upcoming musical events include:

  • March 19th- Yoko Hirota- Voce Boreales II
  • March 22nd- University of Guelph CME
  • March 26th- Student Soloists Day
  • March 28th- University of Guelph Choirs

Distinguished Guest Lectures

There are always distinguished speakers and guest lecturers giving various talks, workshops and learning sessions. On March 27th Dr. Ann Chambers will be giving a Distinguished Guest Lecture on Cancer Biology. This lecture is open to both students and the general community.

Community Workshops

Occasionally the University of Guelph offers a series of courses for both students and the general public for a small nominal fee. On April 15th the Gardening Fundamentals WorkshopGardening Fundamentals Workshop begins. This course covers the basic information and background on how to garden, with tips and tricks not normally found in gardening books. This course will be conducted at the University’s Arboretum, only a ten-minute walk from Timbercreek’s 27 Vanier Drive Community.

In addition to the events and activities mentioned in this article, be sure to like and follow the University of Guelph’s Facebook Page for more information about upcoming special events.

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