DIY projects to bring nature into your apartment

Aug 19, 2014

Bring a piece of the great outdoors inside with the following DIY home décor projects that incorporate nature into your apartment design. Nature inspired décor is a classic way to add texture and a graphic punch to any space, at very little cost. Timbercreek’s Kitchener communities at 50, 66 & 80 Mooregate Crescent offer the perfect space to display your DIY Nature projects.

Nature Container
A walk through the woods or along the beach can yield an amazing array of home accessories including our first DIY suggestion, a simple nature container. This project is about as easy as they come as you only need a glass container (mason jars look great), ‘nature filler’ and some twine or yarn. The ‘nature filler’ can include items like stones, shells, sea glass, rocks and more. Simply fill your glass container with these items and wrap some decorative twine around the top for a rustic feel. You can even turn the nature container into a beautiful candle by nestling a tea light among the rocks, shells or sea glass. Timbercreek’s 66 Mooregate Crescent community is only a four-minute drive to Dollarama which is a great place to pick up inexpensive supplies for this craft. 

DIY Terrarium
Looking for a stunning and au natural piece of décor for the home? A terrarium makes for a great conversation piece and is easy to make. For this project you will need a glass globe to house the terrarium (or a repurposed glass jar or bowl), sand, potting soil, various mosses, small sticks & bark, stones and your choice of succulent plants. This project not only looks great but is also perfect for hanging or displaying next to a desk, bed or by the kitchen window. They really capture the essence of nature and are customizable based on everyone’s individual preferences. The full tutorial is available here from ‘Instructables’.

Mason Jar Herb Garden
This next nature DIY is both practical and pretty. This indoor herb display instantly lightens and brightens your kitchen area and is simple to make, not to mention low-maintenance. For this project you will need an old wooden board, mason jars, pipe clamps, hanging wire, chalkboard paint & chalk, your choice of herbs and a hammer (plus nails). This full tutorial is available courtesy of ‘Camile Styles’ and is available here.

Framed Branches
Our final DIY nature project is perfect for all seasons, but especially in the fall. For this easy do-it-yourself project you will need a few branches from outside, a frame and a staple gun…that’s really it! The full tutorial including picture instruction is available here from ‘Curbly’. Michaels craft store is only a ten-minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s 80 Mooregate Crescent apartments and has all the craft supplies and materials you could ever dream of, perfect for all of the projects mentioned in this article.

Get inspired by nature with the easy and affordable DIY projects mentioned in this article. Whether you are making a simple and elegant nature container, a modern terrarium, practical herb garden or framed branch art, Timbercreek has options for everyone!

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