Jump-start your spring cleaning with these weekly projects

Apr 10, 2014

Get a jump-start on spring cleaning with the following easy weekly projects. It can be a daunting task trying to do all of your organizing at once, so make life easier by breaking up your cleaning into small yet effective doses. Timbercreek’s Whitby communities offer great amenities such as on-site laundry facilities, storage lockers and recycling programs, so spring cleaning can be a breeze.

  1. Cut the Clutter

    The first step in the spring-cleaning process is to de-clutter. Take inventory of what you have and decide what you actually need. Donate unwanted electronics, gently used clothing and accessories, electronics and housewares to your favourite local charity or thrift shop. For other items that cannot be donated, call your local recycling program to find out what can be collected. For items that can’t be donated or recycled, discard them (such as old or expired food and pantry items). Getting rid of old or unused items makes for a great starting point for your spring cleaning, as your home will immediately feel lighter, larger and of course, cleaner.

  2. Change Linens

    Once the clutter has been tackled, start by changing linens. Start with your bed linens, flipping the couch cushions, and cleaning the drapes and upholstery. Swapping old bed sheets for a spare or new set will add a sense of freshness to any bedroom. You can even take this opportunity to flip or rotate your mattress to extend its life, if desired. When cleaning your drapes/upholstery, pop them in the dryer with a fabric-softening sheet to get the dust off and to add a fresh scent without having to iron or dust.

  3. Tackle the Floors and Carpets

    Once the linens have been freshened up, tackle your floors and carpets. Spend this spring-cleaning week vacuuming or washing the floors to make the whole room sparkle. If you have hardwood floors you can use a microfiber mop (like a Swiffer for example) and some water or cleaning solution to make them shine. Vacuum carpets and try renting a carpet scrubber for additional deep cleaning. Carpet scrubbers can be easily rented from most hardware or grocery stores such as Canadian Tire, located five minutes away from our 211 Reedaire Court apartments in Whitby. Also (if possible), try to sweep under the fridge where food and dust are easily built up.

  4. Clean out the Pantry and Kitchen
Remove all food and groceries from both your pantry and fridge. Start by discarding old, expired, or unused items. Once these items have been discarded and your cabinets, shelves and fridge are empty, begin by cleaning these surfaces. Grab some old rags, cleaning solution, hot water, and your rubber gloves to start. Take out any racks and drawers, empty them and wash them in a large sink or bathtub. Remember to also wipe down jars and bottles with a warm cloth to avoid dust and debris buildup. Once everything is clean and dry take this opportunity to put items back in a more organized and efficient manner than before. Dollarama is a great and affordable place to purchase all of your spring-cleaning supplies, and is only an eight-minute drive from our 215 Reedaire Court apartments in Whitby.


The thought of spring cleaning easily overwhelms people because they think everything must be done at once. Instead, Timbercreek Communities advocates a ‘divide and conquer’ approach that tackles spring cleaning in small doses with a variety of weekly projects as shown above.

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