May 12th, 2020

How to work efficiently at home ​

If you suddenly find yourself working from home, it can be a big adjustment. It can be hard to practice discipline in an environment normally designated for rest and relaxation. But not to worry, we have some great tips for you that will help you work more efficiently at home.

Carve out space

This one matters more than you might excpect. Part of the issue many remote workers face when it comes to efficiently working from home is separating work space and personal space. When you’re surrounded by all the things you enjoy in your off hours (the kitchen, TV, bathroom, couch etc), it’s easy to get distracted. A good way to combat this is to designate an official workspace in your home that is exclusively reserved for work. This way when you’re in your workspace you know it’s time to get down to it. This can be a room (if there’s one available), a nook within a room, or even just a desk or table.

Take scheduled breaks

Breaks make most workers more productive, not less. It’s important to stop and step away from what you’re doing now and then so you can better focus your mind and give it a chance to rest. We recommend taking short, scheduled breaks throughout the day to recharge and refresh.

Make an agenda for the day

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Make a work agenda for each day and stick to it. This will help you stay on task, meet your deadlines and focus. 

Dress for the day

Another psychological one. Be sure to get up every day and dress as if you’re going to work. You don’t have to wear a suit, but it’s important to dress in a manner you’d expect a professional in your occupation to dress. By dressing for work you send a signal to yourself that it’s time to work.

Set hours

You wouldn’t go to work indefinetly, so set working hours for yourself. When you work from home, it’s easy to let the time roll by without giving it a second thought because you’re already at home. Just like in an office, when 5pm rolls around you know it’s time to put things down and head out for the day.

We hope you give these working from home tips a try. Let us know how you do!

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