17 FĂ©vrier 2020

How to wear skirts and dresses in winter without freezing

Winter is in full freeze but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like it’s 20 below outside. You can look chic and stay warm -- you can even wear skirts and dresses in the winter! To help you wear your favourite skirts or dresses in the colder months, here are some fashionable tips to make your outfits more winter-friendly.

Wear high boots

This tip is key. If you love wearing skirts and dresses, but you live in a cold climate, high boots can be your best friend. Look for thigh-high boots or at least boots that reach your knees to ensure the bulk of your legs have coverage and wind protection

Wear opaque tights or leggings

Instead of going bare-legged or wearing stockings, wear leggings under a skirt or dress. This will help shield your legs from winter’s cold temperatures and bitter wind. You might not get the exact look you’re after but you won’t get frostbite either.

Wear longer skirts

Mini skirts can be great but they’re not well suited to winter. Opt for longer skirts like knee-length or floor-length skirts. They’ll keep you warmer and will look just as good.

Wear a long coat

If your heart is set on wearing a short skirt in winter, you can keep yourself warm by wearing a long coat over it. It looks great and is a totally practical solution to the problem. Look for a long and warm peacoat or a long puffer coat to stay extra toasty.

Wear leg warmers

If you want to wear a skirt to an indoor event, but you need to get from point A to point B and it’s cold outside, give leg warmers a try. You can wear them with virtually any shoes and they’ll keep your legs toasty warm. Once safely inside, simply take them off and stash them in your purse.

Timbercreek hopes that these tips for how to wear skirts and dresses in winter help you stay chic and warm this season. 

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