Sep 1st, 2020

Cozy fall home decor trends

As the glowing embers of another summer flicker out of existence, it's time to turn our attention toward autumn. The gently falling temperatures and bold, vibrant colours of fall usher in a whole new feeling. Timbercreek Communities wants to help you extend this feeling into your living space with these cozy fall home decor trends.

Colourful bookcase

Fall is all about cozy feelings, chilly air and warm colours. Adding a few pops of colour will help you fully embrace this vibrant season. One easy and unusual way to add colour is by painting the inside of a bookcase. A burnt orange hue will give off a warm glow -- especially if you weave that hue throughout the room with a few throw pillows.

Woven baskets

You can never have enough useful and attractive storage options. You can create a lovely and functional seasonal display by simply adding a few woven baskets to your space. Place a basket in your entryway to hold all those scarves, hats and cozy sweaters you'll be needing. You'll want to add a basket in the living room and bedroom to toss chunky throw blankets into.

Chunky knits and plaids

Add an extra layer of coziness to any room with a chunky knit blanket. Plaid is a fall classic, but don't overdo it. A little plaid is a powerful thing. It's another easy way to add cozy colour to a bed, sofa, chair or anywhere. With many of us spending more time at home these days, maybe this is the year to make one yourself.

Layer Rugs

A layer rug in the kitchen can add a layer of coziness and keep your feet warm while you make your morning coffee. This is another opportunity to add seasonal colours and textures to your kitchen.

We hope these cozy fall home decor trends have you looking forward to fall.

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