BRAVO Award Winners

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BRAVO Award Winners

The BRAVO Award Winner lives the Timbercreek Communities Vision, Values, and Operating Principles. They are dedicated, hardworking, and go above and beyond to provide extraordinary service to both our Residents and Team Members. They perform beyond their regular job description and exceed standard expectations in the community. 


Summer 2016
Spring 2016

Timbercreek Communities is proud to present the BRAVO Award Winner of Summer 2016 to:

Real Comeau

600 Kingston Road, Toronto

Before Real Comeau joined Timbercreek Communities, he was part of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. For over 30 years as a veteran, Real has gained a remarkable amount of experience in various countries from training soldiers to refinishing aircraft. In May 2015, Real joined Timbercreek Communities as an On-Call Staff Member. He was so passionate about the building that he voluntarily cleaned and maintained it even though it was not in his job description. He then officially took over the cleaning and maintenance duties and was promoted to Part-time Building Manager in June 2015.

Real Comeau, a “man of superhuman qualities”, always enlightens the 600 Kingston community with his energy and dedication. One resident commented, “Some days I wonder if he’s got clones”, which to us really spells out his constant working ability. From keeping the building immaculately clean to taking care of Residents in the community, Real always delivers his best and is dedicated in all of his work.  To Real, even the smallest things are taken into account and this truly defines his attentiveness and genuine care for his Residents. His hard work, passion, and everlasting energy emanates warmth and inspires everyone in the community.

Bravo Award winner

“It’s unusual for me to write this kind of letter, but this is my 11th year of tenancy, and there’s never been an onsite manager quite like Mr. Real Comeau. He has exceeded my expectations beyond the call of duty on several occasions. And not just for me. I think it’s everyone.”

“The man is tireless and always helpful with a smiling face and wonderful exuberance. Best superintendent I’ve ever had, and I’ve been living at 600 Kingston for over 38 years!!

 “Timbercreek turned this building from a sow’s ear into a silk purse, but it is Real Comeau who maintains this building so it will always be a silk purse under his watchful eye.”

“ He is attentive, caring, and always available. In fact, there have been times when it seems necessary to tell him to simply take it easy and rest for a bit. The grounds are spotless, processes such as repairs are managed seamlessly, and he provides exceptional and extraordinary service.”

 “Sometimes he will go and come up with a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had. His proactive, friendly and caring attitude is contagious. We are all very fortunate to have him here at 600 Kingston Road.”

“He seems to possess superhuman qualities with never ending energy”

-Residents of 600 Kingston Road

Honourable Mentions

Sylva Baroody, Heron Gate Communities (Ottawa)

Bill & Barbara Woodworth, 16 Bently Drive (Halifax)

James Doumanas, 1231 Richmond Street North (London)

Our Honourable Mentions have also received remarkable comments from our Residents and have gone above and beyond in our communities.