BRAVO Award Winners

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BRAVO Award Winners

The BRAVO Award Winner lives the Timbercreek Communities Vision, Values, and Operating Principles. They are dedicated, hardworking, and go above and beyond to provide extraordinary service to both our Residents and Team Members. They perform beyond their regular job description and exceed standard expectations in the community. 


Summer 2016
Spring 2016

Timbercreek Communities is proud to present the first BRAVO Award to:

Brenda and Cody Love

Cedar Avenue Apartments, Toronto

Mother and son duo Brenda and Cody are the heart and soul of the Cedar Avenue Apartments and make everyone feel like “they are part of the family”. Brenda and her family moved into the Cedar Avenue Apartments in 2000 as a Residents. Brenda loved her home so much, she became the building cleaner in 2005 and the Building Manager in 2008. Cody followed as Assistant Building Manager in 2010.

Brenda and Cody not only deliver an exceptional community experience, they also make a difference in the personal experience of our Residents. They have boosted Residents who have gone through downfalls and are always inviting and accessible no matter the difficulty. Brenda and Cody Love have created a warm and welcoming community at Cedar Avenue Apartments that truly depicts “a place to call home” and “a family”.

Bravo Award Winners

“All the ‘little things’ they do, make everyone feel that they are not alone, they are part of a community.  They are part of a family.”

“We had lost everything we owned. We were treated as a member of the family. Words cannot express how we feel but to say thank you so much for all your help and for us having a place to call home.”

“They are professional, accessible, reliable (as they are of high integrity - doing exactly what they promise to do ensuring that our lives are easier), genuinely caring, and courteous. We feel honoured to live here and be under their care.”

“I fell and had no ride to the hospital and Brenda came and took me to emerg and stayed with me until a family member arrived.”

-Residents of Cedar Avenue Apartments

Honourable Mentions

Real Comeau600 Kingston (Toronto)
Maria Moreira665 Roselawn (Toronto)
Doug Butler & Nancy LesperanceSpanish Trio (Windsor)
Donald & Deborah Elliot634 & 680 Parkland (Halifax)
Stewart & Diana Swift, Jean-Paul Rinaldo75 Broadway (Toronto)

Our Honourable Mentions have also received remarkable comments from our Residents and have gone above and beyond in our communities.