BRAVO Award Winners

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BRAVO Award Winners

The BRAVO Award Winner lives the Timbercreek Communities Vision, Values, and Operating Principles. They are dedicated, hardworking, and go above and beyond to provide extraordinary service to both our Residents and Team Members. They perform beyond their regular job description and exceed standard expectations in the community. 


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 Annual 2018
Q3 2018

Timbercreek Communities is proud to present the Q3 2018 BRAVO Award to:

Leo Lopez

742 Kingsmere Crescent SW, Calgary

On November 22, 2018, Residents joined our Award Ceremony as our team presented Leo with our BRAVO Award. Since joining our Calgary team in 2017, Leo continues to support the team, going above and beyond his call of duty. Leo is also an advocate for promoting company culture among his peers and continually recognizes the needs of others. Leo continuously strives for excellence in everything he does, which is evident in his day-to-day work with his fellow team members and our community at Kingsland Gardens.

Leo Lopez

Residents of Kingsland Gardens:

“Once you meet Leo, you can see that he goes above and beyond in his job daily. He is approachable, responds to your request as soon as possible and provides some of the best customer service I have ever seen. He deserves to be recognized.”

“He is very polite and professional. I have been living in the building for over 4 years and having Leo join the building management team has been a blessing. He is truly an asset to Timbercreek.”

“Leo is always professional and a hard-working employee. If I ever have an issue such as plumbing leaks he is the first to respond with a polite and positive attitude.”

“Whenever I call the emergency hotline Leo is fast and prompt to help with my maintenance request, such as heating which we very much appreciate.”

“Leo has always been willing to assist at other properties when needed, which we greatly appreciate.”

Q3 2018 BRAVO Award Honorable Mentions

We would also like to congratulate 15 other Team Members, who have also gone above and beyond in their communities in providing extraordinary services to our Residents.