BRAVO Award Winners

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BRAVO Award Winners

The BRAVO Award Winner lives the Timbercreek Communities Vision, Values, and Operating Principles. They are dedicated, hardworking, and go above and beyond to provide extraordinary service to both our Residents and Team Members. They perform beyond their regular job description and exceed standard expectations in the community. 


Q3 2019
Q2 2019
Q1 2019
Annual 2018

Timbercreek Communities is proud to present the Q1 2019 BRAVO Award to:

Venilinda Antonio & Remigio Gatus

Building Manager Couple at 75 Stewart Street, Oakville

On Wednesday, May 22nd, the award was presented to Venilinda Antonio & Remigio Gatus in front of Residents for their hard work and dedication. Both Venilinda and Remigio continuously go above and beyond their call of duty in Oakville since starting in June 2018. Their attention to detail, ownership mindset and compassion for Residents epitomizes our core values. There is no task too big or too small for this wonderful couple – they respond to the needs of Residents immediately, and that with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. The Residents value the pleasant and homely atmosphere that has been created by providing gatherings and amazing conversation.

RJ n Len

Residents of Anchorage Apartments: 

“Sir RJ and Miss Len helped us when our wall outlets lost its power and they also helped us fix the clogged bath tub. They responded to our needs immediately every time we call for help. They’re very reliable and accommodating.”

“Rj Gatus and Len Antonio, new Building Manager Couple did amazing work in the building helping us a resident in Oakville with so many things like: addressing issues and finding their solution, taking action with the maintenance request and parking issues. I will give them a 4 thumbs up include our finger nails. We are so grateful to have them – we feel safe in this community. Timbercreek Community is our HOME sweet HOME.”

Timbercreek Communities is proud that Venilinda & Remigio exemplify ALL the core values:

1. Great Place to Work
2. Great Place to Live
3. Integrity
4. Teamwork
5. Ownership Mindset
6. Community Focus

Q1 2019 BRAVO Award Honourable Mentions

We would also like to congratulate 15 other Team Members, who have also gone above and beyond in their communities in providing extraordinary services to our Residents.