Feb 11th, 2020

Affordable Valentine’s Day date night ideas we love

Planning a date night for Valentine’s Day? If you’re on a tight budget, going out can be tricky. We want to help you enjoy a magical date with your date. Here are some fabulous Valentine’s Day date night ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Cook dinner

If you really want to impress your date, on a budget, pull out all the stops and cook for them. Few things are sweeter than a delicious homemade meal. You’ll earn extra points if cooking isn’t your thing and you give it your all. If you’re new to the kitchen, there are countless recipes online tailored to beginners. Pro tip: ask if your date has any food allergies or restrictions before choosing what to make. 

Go out for dessert

Dinner on the town can be a bit pricey if you don’t have a big budget for your date night. A dessert on the town can be just as sweet, if not sweeter, and much more affordable. Pick a nice late night cafe, bar or restaurant and invite your date out for dessert. If you want to be super cute about it, you could both order a dessert or two to share. Ask if your date has food restrictions to ensure the place you suggest can accomodate them.

Go skating

If you can skate, you can go skating with your sweetheart. It’s a really fun winter activity that can easily be romantic. Hold hands, sip cheap hot chocolate and unwind as you take in the night (or day) together on the ice. Skating outdoors under the moonlight tends to be a bit nicer than indoors under a flourescent light.

Go for a walk

Another fun and active activity for your Valentine’s Day date night is going for a scenic walk. If you live near a beautiful park, ravine or trail, taking a scenic winter walk can be very romantic and fun. It will give you two plenty of time to talk or get to know eachother. Dress warmly, wear sensible shoes and bring snacks and drinks so you don’t have to cut it short.

Go bowling

If you want to plan an affordable date in a lighthearted environment, bowling can be a lot of fun. Going for a game is usually affordable but it can get pricey if you stay for hours. If your budget is tight, plan a post-bowl activity to ensure you don’t blow it all in one place.  

Go see some comedy

A comedy show is a great date night activity. The jokes will break the ice and put you and your date at ease. It’s usually an affordable activity too as many comedy clubs cost about $10 to $20 to visit. 

Have a picnic

If you live in a cold part of Canada we don’t recommend this, but if you’re in a mild climate a picnic can be a really fun date night plan. Pick a scenic spot and bring prepared foods or prep your own meal. If your budget is tight, sandwiches are affordable and easy to make. They also travel well.

Go see a band

Going to see a band can be affordable and fun. When we say “a band” we mean a local band as seeing a famous band can get really expensive fast. To earn extra points with your date, try to pick a local band that your date loves that is playing a show. If that doesn’t pan out, take the opportunity to introduce your date to a band you love instead.

Grab a drink

Though a bit generic, grabbing a drink is a classic date for a reason. It’s budget-friendly and will give you and your date an opportunity to get to know eachother and chat. Try to pick a bar based on ambiance. Look for something not too noisy or way too crowded. 

We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day date night! Timbercreek hopes that these affordable date night ideas impress you and your date.

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