• Property Highlight: The Whitehall (1265 Richmond Street)

    Jan 28, 2020

    Looking for a new home in London? Consider The Whitehall (1265 Richmond Street) -- a premier Timbercreek community that is currently pre-leasing for May, 2020. It's perfect for students and professors as The Whitehall has direct access to Western University's campus via convenient paved walking paths. Don't miss your opportunity to live right outside the university's gates and cut your commute!


    About the building 

    The Whitehall is a wonderful place to call home. The high-rise building boasts many desirable amenities such as a common area patio, a multi-sport court for the athletically inclined, convenient onsite laundry facilities, onsite parking, onsite management to address your needs and suite issues, convenient door-to-door mail service, and an elevator. The building is also pet-friendly -- we love your four-legged friends as much as you do!

    About the community

    The Whitehall is located in one of the city's hottest areas, right outside Western University's gates with easy access to the neighbourhood's abundant green spaces. There are specialty parks for skateboarding and off-leash dog parks for your pet to explore nearby. There is also an extensive and  beautiful trail system in the area. It runs along the Thames River, onto Western’s campus, right into your "backyard". You can use the trails at your leisure for walking, running, biking or inline skating -- perfect for outdoor adventures.

    Getting around London from here is easy as the building is located conveniently close to public transit. You'll never be bored as it's also close to great restaurants‚ fine pubs and entertainment.

    Your London, Ontario apartment search is over! The Whitehall is calling you home. 

    For more information, please visit our website or call 226.777.5142 to request a viewing appointment.


  • Montreal events designed to help you get outside this winter

    Jan 23, 2020

    Good news, Montreal! You don't have to hibernate this winter. Timbercreek Communities wants you to love this incredible season as much as we do, so we've rounded up these awesome winter events happening in Montreal for you to discover. They're designed to get you out and to make the most of the season!



    On now until January 26, 2020, Luminotherapie is a wonderful, interactive art event held in Place des Festivals. This event is designed to get Montrealers and tourists out and playing in the winter. It features bright and colourful artwork. Visit the area to reinvigorate your inner child as you interact with five colourful creatures and enjoy music and dancing!


    Only Montreal would throw an outdoor electronic music festival in January! Igloofest is your winter excuse to get out and dance. Join thousands of Montrealers at the Old's Port's Jacques-Cartier pier. The event recurs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from January 16th through February 8th. Expect to groove to electronic music by top producers, DJs, hip hop artists and more. 

    Fete des Neiges de Montreal 

    It can be hard to get your kids excited about playing outside in the winter -- especially in subzero temperatures in Montreal. Thankfully, Fête des Neiges exists to lure you out. This recurring event is held on weekends in Parc Jean-Drapeau from January 18th through February 9th. It features a host of fun activities for you and your children to enjoy (most are free!) including ice slides, bouncy castles, snow tubing, live musical and theatrical performances, a Ferris wheel, dog sledding and more.

    Montreal En Lumiere

    Montreal En Lumiere is Montréal's biggest winter festival. It seamlessly combines gourmet food and drink events with arts, culture and fun outdoor activities in Place des Festivals. Foodies can expect delicious restaurant meals and workshops by great chefs. If you're ready to reclaim the outdoors, you can enjoy live music performances, ride a Ferris wheel and ice slides, watch video projections and warm up as you enjoy scrumptious food and drink. On February 29th, you can also take back the night as you enjoy Nuit Blanche à Montréal.

    Timbercreek hopes you will make the most of winter in Montreal at these amazing events. Maybe we'll see you there!

    To find your home with Timbercreek Communities, please visit our website.

  • 5 Food swaps for a healthy New Year

    Jan 21, 2020

    Happy New Year! If you resolved to eat better in 2020, Timbercreek Communities wants to help.  We've found 5 amazing food swaps that you can make in your diet to easily meet your nutritional goals.


    Lentils for ground meat

    Do you eat a lot of ground meat? It's such a versatile ingredient that shows up in so many dishes from around the world. It's also not too great for your health as it's loaded with cholesterol and is prone to spoilage. It's also not a great food choice for the environment as the meat industry is a major driver of climate change. If you're ready to replace the ground meat in your life, we've got an affordable and healthy swap for you! The next time you make tacos or lasagna, try using canned brown lentils instead of ground beef. They are delicious, have a very similar look and feel to ground beef, have no cholesterol, virtually no fat and are high in protein and fiber. Try this lentil taco recipe or this lentil bolognese sauce!

    Avocado for butter

    So to be fully transparent, you will notice when you swap avocado for butter. They don't look alike or taste alike. But they are both buttery, creamy and rich and you can use them interchangeably in a lot of the same contexts. For example, a simple swap would be on toast. The next time you feel like buttered toast, try avocado toast instead. It's really delicious and way healthier for you. Avocado has no cholesterol, is high in fiber and is loaded with heart-healthy fats. It's much more satiating than butter and will be kinder to your waistline. It's also great for glowing skin! You can also swap pureed avocado for butter in many baking recipes.

    Bean pasta for pasta

    If you're trying to eat more protein in the New Year, an easy swap to make is bean or legume pasta (chickpea, lentil, black bean, green pea etc.) for regular pasta. Using legume pasta will instantly bump up the protein in your dish and reduce the carbohydrates, helping you meet your goals effortlessly. It tastes great, too!

    Cauliflower for white potatoes, cream and flour

    Cauliflower is becoming a bit of a super vegetable lately. We're seeing it in so many dishes and products and we're not mad about it. It's low-calorie and low-carb, nutrient-dense and relatively neutral tasting, making it a great swap for many foods. A great use for it is cauliflower mash -- a delicious substitute for mashed potatoes. All you need to do is boil and puree it to make a mashed potato like side dish. You can incorporate it into mashed potatoes to lighten up a recipe with a more authentic outcome as well. There are a ton of recipes online for cauliflower pizza crust where cauliflower is used to reduce or eliminate white flour in a recipe. If you want to enjoy a lightened up creamy alfredo sauce, try cauliflower alfredo instead.

    Quinoa for couscous

    If you love couscous (who doesn't?), quinoa is an easy and delicious healthier alternative that's packed with nutrients. Use cooked quinoa as a 1 to 1 substitute for any couscous dish. It's loaded with protein and fiber, is low in fat, gluten-free and grain-free (quinoa is a seed!). Try this authentic-tasting quinoa couscous dish next time the craving strikes.

    We hope 2020 is your best year yet! Timbercreek hopes that these food swaps help you meet your health goals.

    To find your home with Timbercreek Communities, please visit our website.

  • The best places to toboggan in Calgary

    Jan 16, 2020

    Calgary is a city that knows how to do winter right! To help you enjoy this magical season to the fullest, Timbercreek Communities has a list of the best places to toboggan in Calgary this winter. Maybe we'll see you there!


    St. Andrew's Heights

    St. Andrew's Heights is by far one of the best tobogganing spots in Calgary. Teens, tweens and adults love its long and steep hill, and there is a smaller hill near the Community Centre that's just right for your little ones. 

    Confederation Park

    Confederation Park is a great place to toboggan with the whole family this winter. It has multiple hills and is a simply beautiful area to visit and enjoy. The park also features an outdoor ice rink and recreational pathways that are perfect for winter walks and cross country skiing. 

    Prairie Winds

    Prairie Winds Park is a great place to toboggan as it has a variety of hills suitable for kids of all ages (and kids at heart). It's known for its impressive long and steep slope, but there are plenty of smaller slopes perfect for young kids, too.

    Big Marlborough Park

    Big Marlborough Park is a great place to go on a weekend with the whole family. It's a cozy spot thanks to its warming fire pits set up along its outdoor ice rink. Bring skates to fully enjoy your visit.

    We hope to see you on one these amazing toboggan hills in Calgary this winter! Happy sledding from Timbercreek

    To find your home with Timbercreek Communities, please visit our website.

  • The coziest accessories for your home

    Jan 09, 2020

    With winter in full swing, it's time to get cozy in your apartment. To help you create a warm and inviting home, here are the coziest accessories to incorporate into your apartment. 


    Velvet, chunky knit and faux fur throw blankets

    If you really want to ramp up the coziness factor in your apartment, stock up on cozy throw blankets. Our favourite varieties include flannel velvet, chunky knit and faux fur. Drape them on your bed, couch, chairs -- wherever! They're perfect for snuggling under on chilly evenings and they look great, too. Pick some up at Walmart, Homesense or Winners

    Furry pillows

    Another cozy favourite, furry pillows can make a couch, chair or bed feel and look extra cozy. Keep things cruelty-free by buying faux fur. Pick some up at Walmart, Homesense or Winners.  

    Faux fur rugs

    If you have wood or vinyl floors, winter can be a little less than kind to your feet. Cozy up your floors with a faux fur rug or two. It will look luxurious and inviting and keep your toes feeling toasty on a cold day. 

    String lights

    Coziness isn't always tangible in the way a blanket is cozy. Lighting can be cozy, too! Nothing says cozy mood lighting better than a good set of string lights. They cast an inviting and warm glow just about anywhere you can think to hang them. They're also very affordable, so go wild and use them in more than one room.


    Much like string lights, the right candles can create an undeniably cozy atmosphere in any space. We love the look of chunky stand alone candles in variable heights arranged on a coffee table or window sill. If you're worried about open flames, look for flameless candles instead.

    We hope these cozy home accessory suggestions from Timbercreek Communities help you create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

    To find your home with Timbercreek Communities, please visit our website.

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