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Bravo Awards

Each quarter we recognize the contributions of one of our own with the BRAVO Award. We feel privileged to count so many extraordinary individuals among our ranks, and this award give us the opportunity to celebrate those among us who've really made a difference on a community level.

BRAVO stands for:



Act Beyond Expectation



For Oneself, Residents & Team Members



Being Present for Everyone Around Us



For Residents - Sharing our Knowledge with Fellow Team Members



Of Mind & Heart

2020 Q2 BRAVO Winner

Ina Cusnir

Ina Cusnir continuously goes above and beyond for her residents, providing outstanding customer service and exemplifies our core value of team work mindset. 

Past Winners

Danny Aquino

2020 Winner / Q1

Florentino Alvarado Alvarez

2019 Winner / Q4

Christopher Woodacre

2019 Winner / Q3

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