Petiquette 101: Top 5 Favourite Pet Costumes

Oct 19, 2016

The only thing more adorable than kids in costume is pets in costume! If you need some Halloween inspiration, check out our 5 favourite pet costumes and learn how to make them yourself.

1. Spider legs

This spider legs costume is absolutely loveable and perfect for your favourite four legged friend. A no-sew tutorial makes it possible for even sub-par crafters to DIY this Halloween.

 2. Ghost

This ghost outfit is perfect for dogs and cats that hate to be dressed up in complex, multilayered Halloween costumes. The costume is as simple to make as it looks. Your little friend will look spooktacular!

3. Chia Pet

This Chia Pet costume is a show stopper. If you’re looking to dress your dog up in something that will steal the attention at any friends’ gathering, or even just make your Halloween walk through the park more festive, this costume is it. You’ll need to do a little shopping ahead of time to gather the supplies you’ll need. You will need a dog sweater, plastic aquarium plants, orange fabric and felt for this DIY project.

4. Lion

Why be a cat or a dog when you can be a lion? Knitters can make their own mane for their kittens using this detailed tutorial.

5. Taco Costume

Is it weird that this costume makes us hungry? This DIY Taco Costume is pretty awesome, cute and creative. If you’re short on time we recommend going to the pet store for this one. Crafters should try this DIY costume using felt, embroidery thread, cardboard and Velcro. 

Include your pets in your Halloween festivities this year with Timbercreek Communities’ roundup of the top five pet costumes.

For more information about pet-friendly Timbercreek Communities apartments, located in five provinces and nearly 27 cities, please visit our website today. 

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