Meatless Montreal: Where to find great Vegan and Vegetarian dining

Jun 15, 2015
Montreal is a cultural hub full of great restaurants, entertainment, shopping and more. Today on the blog, Timbercreek Communities will highlight a few of our favourite vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants within close distance of our 2125 Rue St. Marc Community.

Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres serves fresh, innovative and delicious vegan food using nothing but the best TC Montreal Vegetarianingredients. All of the food is flavourful and inspired, drawing on the ingredients of the season. Aux Vivres offers a menu with choices that are healthier, tastier and more eco-friendly than conventionally farmed or imported food. The restaurant features an on-site juice bar, banquet style seating and an outdoor terrace for the summer months. Aux Vivres is a 20-minute transit ride from Timbercreek’s 2125 Rue St. Marc Community in Montreal.

The Green Panther

The Green Panther is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant that serves certified organic healthy meal options. All of the food is prepared fresh on site and using local and seasonal ingredients wherever possible. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a healthy lunch during work or as a quick and casual nutritious dinner option.


Crudessence offers a menu full of surprises, colour and freshness. This local vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant offers an amazing assortment of breakfasts, main courses and desserts to top it all off. There is even a fresh smoothie and juice bar on site.

Yuan Vegetarian

Yuan Vegetarian offers a meat-free Asian dining experience with delicious food, a great atmosphere and amazing service. This revolutionary concept of Asian dining offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals, including favourites such as Eggplant Stew, Stewed Pumpkin Curry, Sauteed Ginger Tofu and much more. Put down the deep fried spring rolls and try a new, fresh take on Asian cuisine at Yuan Vegetarian. Yuan Vegetarian is a 30-minute walk from Timbercreek’s 2125 Rue St. Marc Community in Montreal.

Eating healthfully is easy with these delicious local vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Montreal.

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