DIY Kid’s Room Art

Nov 05, 2013

Timbercreek Communities has some fun and functional DIY art projects for you and your family that you will be proud to have on display. The following kid-friendly DIY’s are both easy and cost-effective, which is definitely a win-win in our books! Timbercreek Communities has residences in 27 cities throughout Canada including family-friendly apartments in Whitby, Ontario.

Project 1) Rainbow Crayon Art
This DIY is a fun explosion of colour that will brighten any room. It is a great craft to do with the kids, but make sure that there is an adult supervising, as a hot glue gun will be used. For this project you will need a blank canvas (whatever size you choose), a glue gun, crayons, and a hairdryer (or craft heat gun). Kids will love to watch the colorful crayons melt down the canvas, and for some easy kid-friendly décor, your family can frame and hang these creations proudly. Glorious Treats provides you with a more in-depth description of how to make this DIY project.

Project 2) Marbleized Paper
For a fun albeit slightly messy DIY, the marbleized paper artwork by Juggling with Kids is a nice change from traditional painting. For this craft you will need cooking oil, food coloring in a variety of colors, a shallow pan, water, a fork, and some thick paper. Quick tip: make sure you have some old clothing on hand to avoid stains. Once the marbleized paper has dried, frame and hang for a fun and modern look.

Project 3) 3D Butterfly Collage
This butterfly collage by Bright Eyes and Blue Eyes is a fun way to incorporate nature into your artwork. For this craft you will need a blank canvas, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, watercolor paper, adhesive, and a butterfly paper punch (or any other shape you like). Once you have painted and punched out your butterfly cutouts, attach them to the canvas for a unique 3D collage. For all the supplies you’ll need to complete this craft, try Curry’s Art Store at 1624 Dundas Street East located only minutes away from our Whitby apartments.

Looking for the perfect place to hang your children’s awesome new art? Check out Timbercreek’s family friendly Reedaire Court residences at 211 and 215 Reedaire Court.  This location is minutes away from parks, schools, public transit, and amazing recreational facilities.

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